My Zombie Mill Ownership Story

The other day, OK it wasn’t just the other day it was a couple weeks ago I tweeted

about how my Klout is actually truthful. I have Klout about #Zombies and I at the point was an official #Zombie mill owner. All this stemming from a bunch of different things and ending with a big bang surrounding my experience with the fabulous game of Fleck on the iPad.

This really is more of a pictorial style of story I need to tell and it all starts with Klout.

klout zombies

Klout believes me to be influential about Zombies. And my friends and twitter friends seem to think so too as they give me +K’s in Zombies. I believe that with my new educational pursuits and Klout influence Undead Styling is probably going to be key.

twitter profileRegardless though of that, you guys are probably wanting to know how I came about becoming a Zombie Mill Owner. And well this is a great story. You see on Fleck you play the game on a real world google map. Yes. Google map. So when you pull up google maps on your iPad or iPhone for directions that is EXACTLY what Fleck looks like. Pretty awesome right?! I think so.

As part of the game you get to plants things: trees, bushes, flowers, zombie plants. And you have a home base, basically your “home”. And you can put that home anywhere. I put it at my old address in Bandera, Texas. But I did plant some trees and bushes in the various places I’ve lived and loved before. I even went and orbed (best name for it) to other places like Disney World, Disney Land and Canada.

Of course Fleck is MMORPG {massively multi-player online role playing game – for those who aren’t geeks like me}. So you can interact with other players and you level up by doing quests, killing zombies and tending your garden.  Here’s a little screenshot of the game courtesy of Game FAQ’s (I was too busy screenshotting my zombie skillz).

fleck screenshot

So anyway. You want to level in this game. Obviously. And so you need to kill zombies with your awesome shotgun. And you can always plant zombie sprouts. You also need to remember to water your other plants or like in real life, they die. But you get to harvest them also. For money. Money to buy more plants, health, stamina, bullets and restaurants. The game is obviously not boring and it is not hard.

So there I am following my quests and gaining my levels when bam! An award style popup comes onto my screen telling me:

zombie hunting license

I have officially gained my Zombie Hunting License. But I’m influential about them. It’s akin to be Queen of The Dead. I can’t kill them.

zombie license

Those poor trusting zombies thought I was going to lead them through the world of Fleck and feed them delicious people. They thought I would go about watering, harvesting and planting in my garden while they ate yummy people around the U.S. I defied their trust.

So I had to gain it back. I had to show them that my influence online and experience in the game was going to be somewhat worthwhile to them.

zombie mill

And so I became a Zombie Mill Owner. See how pretty my house is in the image above though?! And the pretty bushes and trees?! Owning a zombie mill is obviously quite profitable.

*Disclosure Found Here & Here*