You My Friend Are….

A gypsy. No, not you. But me. The other night on Twitter, as I was twittering away, I came to a conclusion I apparently haven’t been ready to embrace. I read some tweets from the infamous and fabulous Danielle, creator of Haute Cowgirl. She also has a gypsy spirit. And I have connected with her on a numerous accounts of tales of having a gypsy spirit. Right there, right then, while twittering away, I got it.

I am not an uber gypsy. I just have the spirit of one. One that enjoys traveling from place to place. The freedom of the open road and the unknown. I know that I have said moving is hectic, chaotic, a nuisance. When I get to the deep root of all of it, I enjoy it all too often.

When you move frequently and travel frequently you suddenly learn the ins and outs of each situation as it comes to you. You get used to saying your goodbyes. Whether they are permanent or not, you say them and you say them right. It’s hard to say goodbye to…(no I’m not going to channel Boys II Men right now) those that you have become more than acquainted with, but like that old adage (I apparently live by adages) “There are those that come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime”. Some of those you are saying goodbye to you will forever keep in your heart. At least I know I have.

After hitting the open road you then realize the new and exciting moments that will soon happen in your life. You will meet new people, see a new town, learn a new culture, understand new traditions and miss the old traditions.

I’ve moved 12 times, yes 12 or maybe even more in the last 10 years. That my friends is quite a bit. I have yet to become a weary traveler. I want more. I want to see the tiny towns scattered across Texas. To watch the town natives on the town square drinking their morning coffee, wondering about us newcomers. I want to dance across plain, deep my feet in the salty waters of the coast, breathe in the freshest of air in the high mountains and smell the crisp air of the snowy ranges. There is a world out there calling to me each and everyday. A world waiting just for me to see.

I struggle with my gypsy spirit often. I have three kids. Three kids that need some sort of constant in their lives. A routine. A home. But what exactly are the requirements of home? They say you can never go home, yet here I am in Arizona again. Where my life began. I am enjoying it. I am not quite to the point of being in love with it. With all the times I’ve moved and the various places I have moved to, each house I called a home. Each place housed my family, our memories, our love, our precious moments. So was it a home? Or just a house with the title?

In the end. No not the end of my life, but the end of this thought, this realization, I have met many fascinating people. I have created many of memories. I have learned a many of life lessons. And in a few years (many really) I will embrace the gypsy spirit within me. I will travel to those places I am dying to see. I will meet many more people. Create many more memories. Learn even more life lessons.

Will you come with me?


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