New Years

It’s typical that about this time, people start looking back at the past year and looking forward to the new year. They even make fantastic New Years goals. I like to take a brief glimpse back only to check off the things I have accomplished and am happy about. But honestly, I love the feeling of a new year starting. As soon as Christmas was over (I’m talking within 24 hours) I was breaking things down, packing things away and preparing for 2012.

I have an amazing year coming up. I am going to get fully into my education at Beauty School, which also means I have less time around my house and for other things. I have this brief vacation for the holidays right now and I have already made my “goal” to utilize it properly! How?

new years eve



  • Purge. I purge everything I for one reason or another have kept around. If I am not using it at all and can’t think of a true reason to keep it..bye bye. I have two piles. Trash or Sell.
  • Organize. Part of purging is organizing what I am keeping. I am cleaning out cupboards, labeling,washing, stacking, sorting. I may live in chaos, but I love some semblance of order.
  • Clean. Cleaning goes hand in hand with the above two. I am washing, scrubbing, vaccuming, dusting, soaking — you name it. I go for true deep cleaning at least 4-5 times a year.
  • Writing. Not in a journal or online. I am talking lists. To do. Want to do. Wish lists. Goals. Schedules. Chores. Bills. Budgets. You name it, I am writing it and then putting it in a binder — with sheet protectors.
  • Creating. I am creating plans, goals and portfolio’s for myself. From beauty to budgets I like to start the new year off with these things.


In the end, the goals we all set well sometimes they never get accomplished. And more then likely they are things we should be doing EVERY day — not just because a new year is starting. Every 3 -4 months I make new goals. I start small and work my way up. Then on New Years I reevaluate, do the things above and vow to make my next lists, goals etc HARDER. Never stop learning. Never stop trying. That’s how it should be.

So I hope all of y’all have an amazing New Year’s and here’s to 2012. THINK BIG.


  1. Good luck in all your new ventures this year!