Yard Work More With Rocks

Remember the update I did to my backyard? Well if not, look and read here: Doing Some Work In The Yard. And here are the most recent updates I’ve done.

rocks in yard

I decided to line the pool and cement area with the really pretty and good size rocks we had. I dug a bit of a trench, well more of a rut, and stuck them in there. Kind of covers up the ugly edge of the pool deck and cement edge. I also evened out the dirt area though, but you can’t really tell. But from the dirt I dug up I did.

landscape rocks

Then another little rut but filled with landscape rocks. Of course this is opposite of above and I’m not quite finished. I’m trying to decide what to line it with. I’m either going to add more rocks or get a creeping style plant to edge it with.

That’s it so far. I’ll update more as it comes along. Hoping to get more done once Brent gets here with the muscle.