Working in Alaska

The thing about Brent working in Alaska is it’s actually pretty expensive for him to do. Well not super expensive, but there are expenses. He doesn’t pay for room, food etc while he is up there – but he does have to pay for things like, industrial products,which is all his gear (Artic Gear, boots etc) among other things. He’s a huge lover of Carhartt and one of his work jackets is a Carhartt and I often steal the thing from him.

IMG_0078Believe it or not most of the things in that picture there is provided (I believe) but he does need all weather notebooks, pens, gloves, boots, etc, etc, etc. He even left me a long list of BOOKS, yes books, that he wanted me to buy. A total of about $200 worth of books. The most expensive thing yet though would be his boots though I would have to say. They normally last, but he’s so darn finicky about the boots he wants that they end up costing us a small fortune! But everything he does get does last awhile and are pretty darn good quality so I can’t really say our money is going to waste.

So while there are pros and cons to the whole working in Alaska bit, the shopping lists are never ending. He’s such a diva!

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  1. Good for Brent in Alaska, I hope he gets a tax write-off for his industrial products purchases 😉