Working Hard For Our Money

Yesterday I got the cleaning bug. It’s close to the end of summer for us so I wanted to organize all the kids’ clothes and see where I stood with having to school shop for them. On top of that I try monthly to purge their toys and get rid of the broken, box up the cheap kids meal toys to donate, box up the babyish toys to donate etc. I really needed to hit Tristan’s closet now that she is going to school as I needed to see what she did need and what she didn’t need.

Luckily this beauty was the biggest help in sorting through all the junk yesterday.


Anyway what started the whole “I need to clean everything” bug was I walked into my garage and found several boxes of clothes that I have put away. These clothes were once Brodie’s school clothes and she has outgrown them. But they were all in great shape so I boxed them up and saved them for Tristan.

So we put our work gloves on and went to work.

The box of clothes was first. Tristan was able to fit into like 5 pairs of pants in there. 3 skirts. 2 dresses.

We then tackled Tristan’s toy boxes. I was able to get rid of an entire toy box full of stuff. Then I rearranged her room and sorted her clothes in her closet.

Brodie’s room was easy since she does pretty well at keeping it clean. She just likes to stash stuff so we had to clean out her stashes and reorganize her closet.

Dayton’s room was the HARDEST. He is my mini hoarder. He will keep anything and everything in his room. We were able to get him down from 3 toy boxes to 2 with his Lego’s, Cars and Bakugan’s in separate containers on his shelves.

I washed like 10 loads of laundry, organized their dressers, organized their “closet” clothes (which are their nice clothes they were to school), clean sheets, dust, clean baseboards, scrub walls and vacuum.

Literally it took me ALL day to do three rooms. Just three. And I think all I have left is like 2 loads of laundry. Today we have a playhouse coming so we will be hard at work this afternoon too.


Is anyone else as anal with their kids’ rooms?


  1. Yes. I am on Abby all the time about her room. And it doesn’t even get that messy by kids standards. To me, if there is more than 3 or 4 toys left out on the floor, the rooms a mess and must bee cleaned. I would say Abby’s room is cleaner than mine. Oh and I am out of control with changing the sheets!

  2. Can you come do my house next? I have so much still to unpack and organize!