Women’s Boots

I am just a few days away from already being a full month into school. What may seem like very little time, is actually huge. With this realization, it puts me right at having ten months left. Just ten. One month down and ten to go. It’s already flying by and my brain is overwhelmed and overloaded with information. And not in a bad way. A fantastic way.

I am learning techniques, tricks and so much more about the beauty industry that my excitement level is only going up and up. Not down. But the thing about school is we do have a dress code. Black pants, jeans, slacksĀ  and black shirts. We are allowed to add color and flair with jewelry and other accessories as well as with our shoes.


The demise of me. My arch nemesis.

It’s winter and the shoes I am coveting are of course, women’s boots. Being that it is cold (not freezing around here, but cold enough) and all my classmates are sporting some of the cutest boots ever – I feel as though I must too.

Don’t get me wrong they are also sporting the Uggs, which we all know need to be Ugged into the trash. But regardless the colors of the boots, the style — they are making me swoon. So I thought I would share with you some boots that I just am dying to have this winter to spruce up my dress code and look amazing.


Cute right?! I find this to be kinda casual, kinda just wear them on an easy going day!


These could add a bit more sass to my easy going day at school!


Love these! The colors would match my dress code and they add total flair!


Okay I am literally dying over these. I need these. Tomorrow.

old gringo boot

Seriously, when it comes to boots for women, these make my heart happy. I want these now. Yesterday. Or now. I need these for school something fierce. Can we talk about having these as an early Christmas, Birthday, Valentines – because I am awesome present?

boots with fur

And of course I need these boots with the fur. (Yeah you are so singing that song) just so I can sing that song at school and rock “da boots wit da fur” and no the whole club won’t be looking at her – I mean me.

What boots are you coveting?