Winter Jacket Wish List

I realize I live in Arizona and I’m pretty sure, much like hell, we are NEVER going to experience cooler weather here. Maybe up in the High Country we will and that being the case I will definitely be visiting the Mountain a lot. I mean we are in Fall here and today was 100+ degrees. Again. Seriously.

Besides all that, I know eventually it will cool down and my wish list this year consists of buying me some winter jackets. I know soon enough I am going to be taking stock in all the clothing around these parts and I know for sure I need to get kids jackets but I myself need some, something fierce. I have numerous hoodies and windbreaker style jackets but nothing for actual winter. So if we decide to make it up the Mountain this year, and the snow shall fall, I’m going to be in a bad spot.

So here are the winter jackets that are on my wish list this year:


Totally cute right?!


I adore this entire look.


This one has a very vintage feel to it. Love it!

pink peacoat

Um yeah. I couldn’t pass up choosing this one. It’s pink.

long jacket

Seriously this one is my favorite and I have to have it. HAVE TO. I’m pretty sure I would wear it, if it was 100+ degrees outside. With some black and white polka dot heels?!

So what’s on your wish list for winter this year?


  1. Where oh where is the last pink jacket from? I’m in LOVE! & it’s funny because this year I said I wanted a red or yellow jacket but there is always room for pink right?