Where they go wrong: Teen Mom

You want to know who they are and where they go wrong? They are the television shows, blogs, newspapers, groups (organized for, against, for education of etc) and anything else that either A. Create A Reality Of or B. Talk About The Reality Of…teen pregnancy. And where they went wrong: the truth. Of course I know you are already wondering exactly where I get my extensive knowledge of this. Easy. I had my daughter, Brodie, at 17. I got pregnant (if I remember correctly because I have a fried mom brain for the most part) two months before I turned 17. Well, I found out I was pregnant about two months before, no scratch that, one month before I turned 17. So I am a living, breathing, giant statistic that did not make it onto Teen Mom. I just was.


That my friends is a picture of Brodie when she was maybe two months old. So I was still 17. Still a living breathing teen mom. And I have told the story several times and even clarified the real date of meeting my husband. But I have never really talked about my life as a teenage mom or being pregnant as a teenager. Which is kind of funny when I think about it, as I enjoy talking about my life. Hence the blog. The fact of the matter is, these people who create these shows, write about it on their blogs etc are missing something. The truth. They are giving you a very distorted view of what life is like, what you feel and what the future can possibly look like. Don’t get me wrong, I paint a very pretty picture of my life on this blog. There were moments of insecurity and meagerness, but I tend to be a glass half full type of girl, I lean toward the positive.

They don’t tell the full story of what it’s like to overcome the odds. What it’s like to struggle with emotions, child rearing, growing up, maintaining a relationship and more. They show these girls with extreme disadvantage or extreme advantages. I realize your average person doesn’t make headlines, but they should. Because the truth and heart of the stories lie in there.

And while I will still sit here and debate with myself on telling you my real story, these guys are still getting it wrong. In a way they are glamorizing teenage pregnancy. They make it look like your screw ups of parenting and life can somehow be rewarded or skipped until the next episode. I can see in a way the idea of reaching out to pregnant teenagers or attempting to educate (though they are pretty lacking in the education department), but there is a much broader story to be told. Much.




  1. I am already a follower on facebook and just found your blog…it’s amazing!! I’m now following via GFC.

  2. Well tell it girl because I want to know what it was like!


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