Weight Loss Update – Half Way Mark

I haven’t updated much about my own personal weight loss nor have I actually shown pictures of my accomplishment thus far. I will not post full weight and measurements until I reach my first goal, which isn’t far off I do believe. I started tracking my actual weight loss in May of this year but my highest weight was in December of last year. So since I started in tracking in May I do know that I’ve lost a few inches and pounds, around 20+ pounds.

Either way here is a before {at highest weight} and after {just took today with my brand new Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans — from Saba’s.}

weight loss picture

As I get closer to my goal I will update with what I have done for exercise and diet! Expect a lot more photos too and I hope to see yours too! And check out Snapfish Coupons to save and you know, create a memory book of your accomplishments! I am super proud of this and you should be proud of what you’ve done too!


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