Wednesday Who?!

You know I really hate spelling the word Wednesday. It’s not spelled like it sounds, and that “N” really annoys me. Just a little randomness for the middle of the week. Today I accomplished some of my book, then realized I must travel. The area in which the book is taking place is somewhere I haven’t been YET. So I will be arranging travel plans soon for that upcoming vacation. Researching for a book is a lot like banging your head against the keyboard. It all comes out like this…. ( jbhnlakjfhglaksjdhglakjhgd). But it must be done. I wanted something different for dinner tonight and I made pot roast. I started it this morning and let it cook all day long, so when I opened up the crock pot, the meat just was falling apart. It’s so delish! So here I sit with my glass of tea (sweet tea nonetheless from Red Diamond) a cup of coffee and my smokes. I’m brainstorming a little on my book and trying to make a new music player. I like my country I have going now, but recently found some songs that make me joyful inside. You know how when you are happy you jump up and down ( or is that when we are kids?) well when I hear this music my tiny little eardrums are doing the happy dance. I talked to my darling dear sister (in-law but I love her to death) and she’s in a band. Oh, I guess I should tell you what we talked about. Her band and my book. Aspiring artists yay! Well she and I may go on the adventure to explore my area (research) for my book. I told her that when I get published and her band gets huge, I’m writing a book about them. I already know how to start, things to say etc. EXCITING with a capital E. (Oh, hell all the letters are capitalized) Either way if you like new music, or music at all here’s the link to their band. Check these hot girls out! =D

Anyways, that makes my good deed for the day right? I think so. I went and worked out today and was semi catatonic during the whole experience, I’m now paying for it in my thighs. Suck! I weighed myself though, good news is….total of 13 pounds lost. I’m giving myself one big huge ATTA GIRL! My house is clean, laundry almost done and kids are scrubbed down. Almost 9 o’clock at night and I am jonesing for more writing. I can write a complete book inside my head, but on paper or a computer screen mildly relates to a one hit wonder. You do it real big, but the follow through is just lame. My daughter learned about idioms. When she told me that, I thought she called me an idiot. I found it entertaining at least. Either way, every time I say something like, “You kids are driving me up the wall.” She quickly points out that they aren’t literally driving me up the wall. Thank you Brodie for the insight. Now go to your room. Ah the sweet smell of education!!! Have a great rest of the week, I shall hopefully grace this blog with my typing skills soon.

That’s all for now.