Valentines Day –Sappy Stuff

I figured Valentines day is looming so I must get to that inevitable sappy love post right?!


Plus over at Posh Point Of View they are having a bloggy carnival with some great Mommy Bloggers and their love stories! I just could not bare not to join.

So here it goes, my sappy love post, about the man I FINALLY married.

About 10 years ago to the date, Brent was acting funny. You know how guys get when they have a secret right?! Of course Brent told everyone in the dang country this secret. But me. But I had a clue. An inkling. I knew something was up.

That afternoon I went to his house and he handed me a bag. A yellow paper bag and sticking out I saw a stuffed bear. The bear was covered in his cologne. Hello! Every 16 year old girl wants a bear, shirt, item that smells like their guy!!! A CD. Clay Walker. Brent always says Hypnotize The Moon is my song! A yellow rose. Because at the time, they were my favorite. Yellow roses stand for friendship and I wanted our relationship to begin with that! Awwww. How cute?! And a screw. The humor from that started the night before when he asked me if I wanted to screw? Referring to the screw and screwing it into the wall. Ha Ha Ha. Hardy Har. Kids are just HILARIOUS huh?! But I cherish that memory. Anyway…he says there is one more thing. We hop in the car and drive to the mountains in Arizona. It’s a beautiful breezy, sunny day. Perfection. We hike up a few miles then we stop.

He doesn’t go on one knee.

He is not relaxed or self assured.

He’s shaking.

Hardly breathing.

And he asks me to marry him.

I of course say Yes!

But it doesn’t end there. Nope. I end up pregnant with the beautiful Brodie. Couple years down the road, Dayton comes along. Couple more years down the road, Tristan. One year after Tristan is born, 7 years of living together, having kids and being a family….we marry. And now…

We are happy. We are officially The Greer 5. The Greer’s. And I wouldn’t trade the past 10 years for the world. We’ve had our rough spots. Ups and downs and in betweens. But we are still best friends. And we can’t wait till we are having wheelchair races in the halls of the nursing home in 50 years. (we did that when we worked at a nursing home a few years ago but shhhhhh)

Thank you Brent though. For 10 years of love, tears, children, ups, downs but most of all for friendship. Nothing could be better than knowing when in all else fails, I can always turn to my best friend for everything!

(Then 10 years ago)
(Our Wedding)

Quit gagging and go over and read some other wonderful Valentines Day posts at Posh Point Of View!!!!



  1. Dickey Family says:

    That is so sweeet!
    Thank you for the award. How sweet! I feel so special!! I will try to follow the directions and do my part. Love ya too!

  2. How sweet. You guys are so cute.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing sweetie 🙂

    Hope you guys have a great V-Day!