Valentines Day List

I actually don’t really get into Valentines Day a whole lot. I like doing things for the kids: helping with school parties, baking sweets, helping write cards. Those kind of things. Holidays have grown increasingly more fun as the kids get older and understand each holiday more and more. They don’t ask for much, besides maybe begging for candy, but I still like to surprise them with all kinds of goodies. On the other hand, Brent always gets me something. One year he proposed, another he got me a computer. One year while I was working he got sneaky and left a single rose on my windshield. I never ask for a lot and I quit asking for flowers as I keep EVERY single flower he has ever gotten me, dried them and created potpourri. Well, I’m full of dried flowers so I beg for them to stop coming! So this year, this is my Valentines Day List, hintBrenthint.


1. Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

2.  Sony Reader Pocket Edition

3.  iPod Touch 64GB

hot tub

I think this outdoor sanctuary would be great. I’d appreciate if you made our backyard look like that too. Thanks.