Using It Everyday

Maybe it’s because I am a blogger. Maybe it’s because I am obsessive compulsive. Maybe I’m just a little off  or we can chalk it up to the ADHD diagnosis. But something came to me the other day as I was talking to my sister. We were talking about cable and satellite television providers. I was raving about my loyalty and admiration for Dish Network. Some people agree, some don’t. Brent and I have been with Dish Network for, jeez, 5 plus years. I don’t remember a time without them. And I’ve NEVER been unhappy with them in any way. I told Brent, it’s funny, there are just certain things — brands, companies (whatever the label is today) that we use everyday, recommend everyday (not on the internet) and don’t even realize we are doing it.

It’s funny because as a blogger, I have done “product reviews” for companies and I am an ambassador for two very exceptional companies with quality products. I align myself as an ambassador for various reasons, but for one, because I admire (enjoy, approve, Love?) their company and products (services). The thing is though, what I use everyday, like Dish Network, I don’t get paid for or compensated in any form. I just truly like being a customer? or theirs. So I was talking to Brent about this next and he completely agreed with me. There are things around our house, companies we use, places we shop, etc on a daily basis that we pay for and they don’t compensate us to talk about.

Delta Airlines.

We have NEVER been disappointed in their customer service, rates etc. We have cashed in miles once and are back up to racking them up again. We will stick with Delta as much as possible because we are HAPPY with them.

Verizon Wireless

Again. Another company that has been exceptional with us on customer service and more. The ONLY cell phone company we have been with that allows Brent to have service in Anchorage so that we can talk while he is away prior to heading to his work site.



Taco Bell.

Fry’s Food

Not only convenient to my location but I am always happy with their customer service and well kept stores.

Wells Fargo.


And more. Many more. These are companies/products that have worked with me, provided superior products/services and that I am truly happy with. I mean really think about it for a moment. Walk through your house, look at EVERYTHING, check your pantry — tell me how many of those brands have you been using everyday for as long as you can remember? So should we blog about them because we will be compensated (monetarily or in product) or should we just speak the truth about our feelings regarding them?

It’s really interesting if you take the time to think about it.