Twitter – The New MySpace

I remember one day many many (OK not that many) years ago searching online for a band. It was a friend that I worked with, her husbands band. Lo and behold I found MySpace. Facebook was still being developed in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. Actually I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even in his dorm room as of yet. Either way. MySpace. Found. Joined. Bam!

Then I started finding friends of mine begin to join. The friends that were into the music and tech scene. Not my “normal” friends. They I found in my house, at work or on the phone. Then, well I am not sure what happened but EVERYONE found MySpace and it became all the damned rage. I was even taking my dear sweet time and figuring out how to make my MySpace profile fantastic. I’m pretty sure that was my first stint in the CSS coding world.

I was making friends. I was finding music. I was reconnecting. I was styling. Bulletins were flying. Quizzes were flying. It was great fun in the MySpace realm.

Then came blogging.

Then came twitter.

And then…you know what happened.

Twitter became MySpace.

See with MySpace you could purchase this program that basically spammed a trillion MySpace users into becoming your friend. Basically creating a false network. Or making you look influential when the real truth is – you signed onto this program, created a list and hit “add as friend”. Of course you would have to hope that these trillion people accepted it. And often times they did. So there you go….boosting your “stat” or influence.

Well guess what.

Twitter now has the same thing.

To be honest, I haven’t researched whether or not Facebook does. But really, most things, more importantly, your “influence” is mere a direct reflection of how crafty you are and how much time you waste finding spam or bot programs. Not a true measure of influence. Unfortunately I think that is with most things via the internet.

But Twitter more and more has become a drowning pool of spam, bots and advertisements – that I use myself even for gain, than a true social networking platform. Ah the creative minds of entrepreneurs. Capitalism at it’s greatest. Finding the popular and finding a way to monetize from it. I commend them. I envy their intelligence for doing it first. But I don’t want to stick around for it either. Do I still use Twitter to gain. Of course. I’ll ride that pony until the wheels fall off. But really, the truth is, it takes every ounce of my will to log on and do it. It no longer to me is a worth opponent in the social networking realm. I’m ready for something new. A true way to connect via internet – minus chat rooms and website comments or a Facebook wall.

The reality of it all is this. Whatever is the hottest out there in social networking will become MySpace. Spam. Bots. Monetization. Befriending software. Children under the age of 13. Teenagers and their lack of putting together a complete word or even a sentence. Either I’m getting old or the internet is.


  1. I never got started on twitter… maybe ’cause I am old… LOL! but I can not multi-task the way I use to, so the little I blog go to a forum or newsletter & want to read other blogs, I added a personal FB page, that sucked me up fast and I was stuck trying to catch up in reading what all those friends had written that I still havn’t learned half of how to use it! I guess I am low tech person after all… plus I hate spam, don’t eat it, don’t want it in my e-box ;p !


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