Trip One

A friend of mine, on her blog, made a list of memories. It was really neat to read and I myself am going to do one. Of course, my memory is fading faster the older my children get. I think there is a name for that. Anyway– because I do actually have a ton of them, I am going to just do it as a slow process. So enjoy the next few posts along the way, they are a trip down memory lane…..

My Own for now…

I loved the smell of my Grandparents house. (both sides) Their homes always had this smell. I can’t describe it, but it’s the smell of a home to me.

My mom’s smell when she worked nights when I was younger. Gloria Vanderbilt perfume. I can still picture her in my mind surprisingly, with her make up on, her scrubs on and the smell. She’s an awesome mom.

My sister sneaking me out in the morning to hang out with her and her friends when we were younger in Chandler. It was so much fun.

Following my brother and his friends around EVERYWHERE. I wanted to ride bikes like them, play tag on bikes them etc. Plus I was infatuated with his friends.

Being the bratty younger sister and getting mad at my brother and sister and giving them 7 cents and pretending to “leave”.

Them laughing at how silly I was being.

My grandparents on my Dad’s side and their huge house. The pomegranate trees that we would pick and eat until we were stained red.

The horses at said grandparents house and the huge yard that would be our play land.

Brig, the vicious mean dog of said grandparents that were deathly afraid of. When we “grew up”, Brig wasn’t so vicious anymore.

Riding bikes from dawn till dusk all over Chandler and never worrying about anything.

Having to come in when the street lights came on.

The orange fight the neighborhood had.

Me and my best friend Megan being mistaken for twins all the time.

Softball games, softball practice, baseball games, baseball practice, BMX nights at Chandler BMX.

Eating at Serrano’s and knowing all the Serrano’s and everyone inside the restaurant.

The coolest bike track ever made at the dirt field in the Sunset neighborhood in Chandler which is now duplexes and a orthodontist office.

Mark (my step-dad) taking us to Elliot and Ellsworth to ride motorcycles and shoot guns.

The many of camping trips we took. Especially the really long one, with South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa etc. The famous bike track we stopped at. Old Faithful, and how it smelled really bad.

The “pecker mobile”. It was the coolest thing to ride around that and go trick ‘r’ treating.

Holidays at both grandparents house.

Our dogs and cats before they got old. Reggie would make me feel safer at night.

The neighbors telling me when I got older how I used to do cartwheels in my night gown in the yard. (commando no less)

Being able to stay out past the “street light” curfew and playing in the water at the Lutheran Church.

Mark singing to us every morning, night, day etc. His silly songs “I’m a one ton tomato”.

Always having dinner at 5-6 at night as a family.

My brother and I making fun of my parents at dinner time.

Sitting in my brothers room watching movies, while he did his homework and talking.

Being my sisters maid of honor for her wedding. She made it a lot of fun for me even though I was big fat pregnant. I was in awe of how beautiful she looked. Just like a princess.

Introducing my brother to my best friend, who is now his wife and the mother of his children.

Watching them get married.

Mark waking me up at 3 am to shine a flash light in our eyes and ask “you awake?”

Being able to drive for the first time. In the side kick that me and my friend thought was the coolest.

How I felt the first time I met Brent. And how lucky I felt when he said he loved me.

Moose, the stuffed animal. How I miss him.

Going to Show Low before we moved there to play in the snow.

Hartford Elementary, was the coolest school. I don’t ever want to forget every school activity I was involved with there. The school counselor was amazing.

Listening to my Grandpa and his stories about his life.

Going to California, with a friend to spend time with my Aunt. That was the coolest Summer by far.

My brother and his friend scaring me and my friend at her house when we were home alone.

My brother taking me to lunch, school etc every stinking day in High School.

My eighth grade year was the greatest. That’s when I became close to Addie, Chelsea etc. Nicole and I thought we were super cool because we did stats for the boys basketball team.

My sister teaching us our seventh grade year as cheerleaders.

Me thinking I was cool because my sister and her boyfriend in high school would be bring me lunch everyday when I was in sixth grade.

Hanging out with my mom every night at the hospital in Show Low while she worked. It was so fun to go up there late at night and talk to her and the staff up there. Plus I was never in trouble for being out late, I was with Mom!

Nicole and her family throwing me a baby shower when I was prego with Brodie. It was a fun shower.

The indescribable feeling I had when I married Brent. Especially since my sister and Nicole (said best friend who married brother) were there by my side.

Seeing every one of my kids for the first time and watching Brent count their fingers and toes.

Head butting Brent when I was laboring with Brodie. Yes I did that. I was as sweet as can be, no cussing yelling etc, but I did head butt him.

Hearing every one of my kids say Mama and I love you for the first time.

How gut wrenching it was to watch Brent get on an airplane to Alaska for the first time. I cried for a week straight.

How elated I am every time he steps off the airplane. It’s like seeing him for the first time all over again. Sometimes he has shaved, sometimes not. It’s always new.

The first time I hugged and kissed Brent and how nervous I was.

My mom’s hugs. She has good hugs and nothing can compare.

Every Aunt and Uncle and their different personality.

The adventures my step mom would take us on.

Moving to Show Low and how sad I was. But after making millions of forts, meeting awesome new people etc, being OK with it.

Oh there is so much more….I will stop there for now.


  1. Eric and Addie says:

    I Loved That!!! Wasn’t it so fun so sit back and think of old times? I was really surprised at how many things that I actually could remember.

  2. *~Brandi~* says:

    I loved reading your trip down memory lane I am thinking I should do that too.