Make Traveling Easy

Traveling around here is about as common as changing your underwear. Whether it be business or pleasure travel, it’s always happening. I can give you all the goodies you need to travel in style and I can even tell you what tech items are the best to travel with. But what about the organization and ease of traveling?

A few things come to mind that I concern myself with. My comfort makes me able to keep organized. I want my products safe and organized and I want to be able to access information or write down information I need easily to stay organized. When I think of these things I think of that person you see juggling and dropping items inside an airport that just feel sympathy for and you don’t want to be. So how do you do that?

abrigo bag


Multi-purpose bag: The Abrigo bag makes a perfect and luxurious travel companion for women and is perfect because it was designed to fit over the handle of carry-on luggage.  The bag’s generous size and soft structure were created so the user could consolidate her possessions. 

post it

Taking Notes On Paper or Digitally: Post-it has everything you can possibly think of to help keep notes or jot down reminders while traveling. Yes, I said digital. So no matter what you need or why – they’ve got you covered and organized.

case mate

Keep your gadgets protected: Case Mate has so many different cases, holsters and accessories to chose from there is no reason to stress about your gadgets getting damaged while traveling. My favorite this far is the DIY case for iPhone 4!

name bubbles

Unique Luggage tags:  Need a way to identify your black rolling luggage from the other 3,000 at the airport?  How about something that does some good for the world too?  Name Bubbles offers personalized carabineer and dog tag options to match a traveler’s personalized identification labels. 

Last but not least is just my personal recommendation. I know that when I travel if there is anything I’ve learned is that I don’t keep myself hydrated, the different climates from place to place wreak havoc on my body etc. So keep a little goody in your carry on.

strawberry lip balmYummy Lip Balm from Blamtastic!

Now go on & safe travels!