Top Ten Movies Of 2009

I’m sitting here watching a movie and snacking on the ultimate homemade brownies. I did however make an amazing Fruit Salad with a buttery sugar sauce. Yes, I’ll blog the recipe soon.

Either way this movie is fantastic so I was thinking it’s hard to just find a great movie anymore. One that when you watch it, you think a million thoughts over it but can only say -wow.

Starting in at number ten on our list:

The Ugly Truth: While I wish that I could list this at number one, there were points of failed logic in the  movie so it had to go last. But it made the top ten because of the acting done in this movie. Gerard Butler proved that he doesn’t have to be Hottie McHotterson Hot Pants yielding a sword, but can be the leading jackass in one sexy way. And they wonder why the ladies fall for a bad guy? The movie is much like another one  on our list – honest. Proving in point with the quote -“No, some men pretend to care. When we ask “how you’re doing” it’s just guy code for “let me stick my dick in your ass”. Sharing the spotlight is the magnificent and beautiful Katherine Heigl. Nothing but props for this movie.

Number nine on our Top Ten Movies Of 2009:

New Moon: And here you thought that this movie would make it higher. Don’t get me wrong the eye candy in the movie makes me have the urge to push it up amongst the ranks, but I’m just stubborn that way. The reason I even put this movie on the list is after suffering the traumatizing event of reading these books, watching the crazy people and then holding back vomit as I watch Twilight (the movie) – the new direction and production of the movie stepped this up a million notches. It went from a movie with the leading girl having weird eye twitches every time the camera zoomed in and the obvious white makeup line gracing Robert Pattinson’s face to something worth watching and actually writing about. While still not impressed with Kristen Stewart as  the love interest of suck my neck please, she fell into her role more and I actually believed her to be a good Bella. Robert Pattinson a great actor, makes a better musician. But I have no problem with him in movie…I’m just not sure I like him (or any other man) sparkling. The cast picked for this movie is A plus without a doubt – from the entire Cullen Clan to the Wolves (shape shifters).

Uh, uh, uh it’s number eight on the Top Ten Movies Of 2009:

Public Enemies: I wish I could go on and on and on about this movie but I can’t. I honestly just can’t. Want a synopsis? The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s. American gangsters plus Johnny Depp. Oh, yes I forgot to mention Johnny Depp. You will never find me disliking any movie that man even breathes near the creation of. There are no words to describe him as an actor, he is my favorite and I pretty sure I’m overly obsessed with him. Props to all that made this movie possible.

Ev, ev, ev it’s number seven on the Top Ten Movies Of 2009 (are you waiting for a commercial to pop up?)

Coraline: Again, I can’t go on and on about this movie. It’s difficult to do. If you have seen this movie then you totally understand. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Number six on the Top Ten list….

Where the Wild Things Are:  It has to be the most favorited book by any child, even myself, across the country. The ability to literally turn what we held in our imaginations year and years ago into something real, something so perfect is amazing. Don’t you remember reading this book or having it be read to you and it playing out in your mind? This movie is our mind coming to life.

Flash five on our Top Ten Movies Of 2009:

Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen: OK, sorry I’m a nerd. And while this movie isn’t the greatest movie ever made, I and my son anticipated the releasing of the moving with enthusiasm. The music? The cars? It’s a good movie. Really – truly.

Number four on our Top Ten Movies Of 2009:

He’s Just Not That Into You: Remember what I said about The Ugly Truth and honesty? This is the ultimate honest movie. With the greatest story line and the greatest cast this list wouldn’t have been complete with out it. If you still have not seen this movie – I forbid you to watch another movie unless it is this one.

Number three:

9: Should this movie even be talked up? OK…fine…Tim Burton. Enough talking!

Dum, Dum, Dum….Number two:

The Lovely Bones: With the book being one of the most amazing reads ever…the movie will be sure to please. (I have yet to watch it but felt I HAD to include it)!!! Read the book first though — please!

And finally…..the number one movie on the Top Ten Movies of 2009:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Each of the movies in the Harry Potter phenom get better and better each time. Watching Harry the character and his friends grow up and develop right along the actual actors themselves grow up and develop is so fun. The world that has been created with the story leaves everyone from age 4 to 60 wanting more and more. It’s creative, imaginative and distinct. The best books and movies!

Now while I realize there are quite a few movies missing of this list, truly it was hard to chose, these are the Top Ten Movies for us The Greer’s this year. We can’t wait to watch more this year and see what 2010 has in store for us!!!!

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