Top 5 Products For A Sun Kissed Glow

If you are absolutely NOT like me and want to have a beautiful sun kissed glow minus the hazards of the UV rays then you can do it. There are 5 fabulous products waiting for you to purchase and put on, but remember bronzed isn’t always beautiful. Insiders have informed me that the natural beauty look is coming in with a bang. These same insiders have provided me with some fabulous tips that I will share soon on how to achieve this look but play it up a bit more to add that perfect classic touch. Meanwhile, check out these top 5 products to get you that sun kissed glow, minus the sun!

brown sugar body polish

Brown Sugar Body Polishfrom is the perfect product to use to exfoliate this summer. Wash away the dead icky skin and allow for the glowing to commence.

nivea sun kissed lotion

Soak up the lotion and no rays with the Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs Lotion. You don’t need no stinkin’ sun!

dolce & gabbanna cheek colour

Sun kissed doesn’t necessarily equate to bronzed. Grab this Luminous Cheek Colour (blush) from Dolce & Gabbanaand add some color to your beautiful face!

burberry lip mist

Again, we want color, we want glow and we want beauty. Rosy Red No. 5 Burberry Lip Mist accentuates that glow from the blush and if done correctly highlights your entire face with just a sweep of lovely color.

neutrogena nourishing eye duo

Smokey eyes are amazing, but use the lighter shades to create the look and add to the glow of your face. Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo in Sugar Plumis the perfect product for this.

So ditch the bronzer and fake bake, let your beauty show!