Too Weak To Say No This Time!

Most people would think I am deprived. I must admit, when it comes to hidden treasures I am. I’ve spent a good portion of my life watching movies. (Thanks to netflix I now know how many movies I’ve seen according to my ratings.)
So armed with major amounts of Red Bull, Cigarettes and the internet, I have found something else, I just can’t get enough of.

And that is Classic Movies. You think I am kidding right? Nope try again. I watched for the first time last night, Gone With The Wind. Clark Gable is ridiculously sexy in that movie. At that age of course. And the movie just captured me. So the woman who plays Scarlett O’Hara – Vivian Leigh, I thought was magnificent. So I decided to hop right back on to netflix and research more classic flicks. I needed more!!! So then I find A Streetcar Named Desire. I’ve heard all the fuss about Marlon Brando in his younger years, and oh la la, I must admit I’m on that bandwagon. But there is something so unaltered about those classic’s I am just in awe of. I just can’t get enough. So tonight…I am going to buy some yummy ice cream for me and the children, grab some coffee, a fresh pack of smokes and I will plop my self in front of this screen and watch endless, probably countless hours of Classic Flicks. I am now officially a junky.

Gone With The Wind


a streetcar named desire


James Dean