This Is Why I’m Hot

So I got nominated for the Hot Blogger Calendar and you can vote – more like you HAVE to vote (wink) for me. And since today is my birthday you should do it as a present for me. And of course I will give you other reasons why.

Here they are:

April is my birth month. I should totally own this month.

I’m a taurus.

I was born on Earth Day so by all rights that makes me even more awesome.

I like music.

I love sports and can argue with the best of them about who’s who in sports.

I can drive a 3/4 ton truck with EASE.

I can throw back a beer, shot of liquor or down a yummy vodka and red bull with enthusiasm. You’ll probably see me puke later though.

I love to dance.

I am open minded and free spirited.

I have an awesome sense of humor.

I think sarcasm is what makes the world goes round.

I am patient and kind. OK lie. I am just kind.

I probably love you.

If you vote for me I’ll stalk you.

If you don’t want me to stalk you I’ll just do it secretly.

I apparently like to lick things. I can lick you if you vote for me.

I am a total blast to hang out with and adventurous because the picture above is on Bourbon St. in New Orleans.

I love me some animals. Including horses.

Me on the far right.

I had spectacular taste as a kid.

Unborn babies love me.

Random guys at bars love me.

These three would be oh so sad if you didn’t vote  for me. Don’t make small children cry.

He thinks I’m hot. He married me even if I tricked him. PLUS we did make three babies together so I have to be hot.

I’ll sick my brothers on you if you don’t vote.

See. My brothers are a force to be reckoned with.

I role play.

See dancing.

Alright, alright, alright. I’ve convinced you know right?



  1. Happy Birthday! That looked like fun to write. Good luck with the calendar!
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Giveaway Linkup April 22 =-.

  2. Happy birthday!!! And Happy Earth Day!! (oooh I made a rhyme this early in the day, impressive)

    And oh my goodness girl, how many brothers do you have?? That’s going to be my daughter one of these days with her 4 brothers… She doesn’t have a chance in hell to ever date. lol
    .-= Janessa´s last blog ..My baby is turning into a big boy… =-.

  3. you know I voted for you! You hot mamma

  4. happy birthday 😀
    .-= antirokok´s last blog ..Tips Eliminate Smoking Habit =-.

  5. Voted for the HOTTEST Mama! I better get licked!
    .-= Kasandria´s last blog ..Walmart Deals, Steals, and Matchups: May 2, 2010 All Under $1! =-.

  6. Lol Britt this is why I love you … seriously we could be like really cool sisters … lol