They Grow Up TOO Fast!

I was looking back at old photos of my kids the other night. OK, actually I pulled out a sealed box with my wedding dress, bouquet and tons of pictures. I wanted to shuffle through some of the pictures and scan them onto my computer. There were several pictures of Brodie and Dayton when they were babies. So cute, so cuddly, I just wanted to go back for five seconds and hug them.

Last night Brodie and I stayed up late watching The West Wing. I asked Brodie, would you want to work for The President when you get older? She said she wanted to be a police officer. Brodie actually wants to be a few things when she gets older, here’s her list.

A Marine Biologist



Director or Producer for Disney Movies


Police Officer

A Cashier (she loves Wal-Mart)




and my favorite

A Good Mom (as she tells me…a good mom just like you mommy)

I told her, after saying she wanted to be a Police Officer and solve crimes, that it was a good choice. Brent tells her she can be and do whatever she wants. As I do the same, but I am the one encouraging her to stay on top of her school work etc. (of course it’s paid off she made A Honor Roll all year as I mentioned before) Not saying Brent discourages it, but he’s Daddy. And she’s got him wrapped. So he tells her constantly just how beautiful and amazing she is. How she can be a model or singer or actress. (with her dramatic self I slightly agree with this) Now I do agree with him, she is a gorgeous girl. But I guess we both take our sides and she will come out of childhood flying with self esteem (hopefully, as she should). So it works to both our advantages. I push the brains, he pushes her outward sense of self. Not that it matters, but we both agree we do NOT EVER want to see our child walking with her head down because of lack of self esteem.

Anyway, going off subject, she then asks me a few minutes later how much money does a Police Officer make. I explain to her there are different levels, she could work for the Sheriff’s Dept, City Police, FBI etc. She then says well I want to be RICH. Heck, what kid doesn’t? (what adult doesn’t) But this stems from her watching Platinum Weddings, and the happy couple dropping 300k on 650 people for food at their wedding. She said she wants to do that. (I guess I need to get back to work and start saving?!?!?) Then she asks me how much money do people working at the White House make. Again I explain to her the different jobs there and I am not totally sure.

So her final decision through all this, again, just to be RICH. But as she said she would highly enjoy working with The President, as he is an important person and it would be really cool. She said she would actually like to be a Police Officer protecting him.

Only 7 and feels a sense of duty. That’s my girl! But what happened to the little girl who at 2 years old crossed her arms at my Mom and told her she was ‘sewious‘?!