Take Part With Brodie

Saturday morning my kids as normal were watching the National Geographic and Animal Planet Channel. That is just what they have become to love recently, especially Dayton. Well Dayton had seen a movie preview for The Cove. The movie started at 6 pm our time so I told them I would DVR it. Well on Sunday I told them I would make dinner early so that they could watch the movie before having to go to bed. So we made dinner, ate, took baths and did the whole night time routine early yesterday. Then they all three gathered in the living room with the blankets. They expected to be watching another movie or show about the one thing they are obsessed with recently – the ocean. Dayton is on a shark spree and everything in our lives revolves around sharks. Little did I or my three kids know that they would be watching a movie that could possibly change one of our lives.


Brodie has always been my unique child. The one that I knew was bound for great things in this world. She loves music, art, food, fashion design, dancing, singing and animals. She worries about this planet. She worries about her family. She is kind and refuses to let anger lead her in any way. She may get frustrated and mad at us but she never let’s anger be the most powerful emotion. She is compassionate and a dreamer.

And as we sat down yesterday watching The Cove Movie I walked away for a brief second to use the bathroom. The next thing I heard was Brodie crying and it was a cry like someone had just killed her best friend. It was harsh sobbing. All I could think was that Dayton decided to karate chop her and I was going to have to get mean mommy on him. When I walked in she looked at me with the saddest face I have ever seen in her short 9 years. My heart broke and I was so confused. She said to me with tears falling furiously down her face, “Mommy they killed them all. They just killed hundred of dolphins. It is horrible”. And I choked back my tears and felt quite proud at that moment. My daughter had been touched. Deep down she was hurting and she had been affected by something.

To help my daughter not feel helpless and to encourage her to learn to stand up for her beliefs we are going to Take Part. Today after school Brodie is going to sign the visual petition with the kids and I. After she is down with her homework she is going to write letters to her local reps, leaders etc about the needless and cruel slaughtering of the dolphins in Japan.

Tomorrow I will post that note and the pictures here. She would love for you to join (by clicking the links in the post to learn more) and take a picture also. If you take a picture we would love for you to send it to us also so that I can include it in my post.

Please be sure to like The Cove on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. (Below is the The Cove PSA). Please help take part with my daughter. Join her. Encourage her with me. This NOT a paid post or anything. This is me helping my daughter.


  1. Absolutely! Just remind me and I will spread the word!

  2. How horrible! And what an awesome daughter you have there! I’m following them on twitter and liked them on FB! I will be looking forward to tomorrows post. I’m standing by your daughter’s side!

    • Thank you Alison! These does mean the world to her. I can’t help but encourage her and these are the only things I know I can do right now. It’s nothing on a grand scale but it’s something.

      • Hey! It’s so good to see youth want to even try to make a change in the world! That it’s not a big place, and she can be apart of it and make a difference! It’s so refreshing to see!!

        And anything is better than nothing and just watching the movie and not being effective. I’m going to have to catch it at some point on tv. Probably bawl my eyes out too.

  3. What a wonderful cause. I hope you get a TON of support. I’m going to do some googling and see if I can help from here. Hugs to you and your daughter. Must have been so tough!

  4. Morgan has watched that movie! She must be a lot like Brodie!

  5. Joanne Wold says:

    I had seen this movie right when it came out on DVD. I could not stop crying! I tried for the longest time to get people to take notice to this movie! I have already pledged my support as well I am a fan on Facebook and I get the text messages from them! Good luck! I wll continue to encourage people to think outside of the media box they live in!