The Unofficial Three

Brent is back off to work on Friday…SUCK! And I have managed to get the “sickness”. I don’t know what it is, where it came from or why it chose me. It sucks too. Yesterday I spent the day feeling arthritic. Oh joy! But before the blah past couple of days, Thursday Brent and I managed to sneak off to the store and buy Ms. Tootles her birthday stuff. Her birthday is the 31st, so we had to have it early since Daddy won’t be here for it. Another suck, but such is life. So we hooked her up with what we could come up with for fun presents, got a cake, balloons etc. We went and barbecued Friday afternoon at Grandma’s house and she swam. It was a great family day, and a great little birthday party for her. She had a blast and as of now she’s unofficially three. Happy Birthday Tootles! Here is some pictures from her unofficial birthday.
Hopefully I will be back up in blogging mode in the next couple days. After I shake the crap that has me only swallowing liquefied things. If you want to have an up close picture of what my throat looks like, just Google grapefruits and you got it. SUCK! Hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, even though I was sick the kids played wonderfully outside with their Dad while I writhed in pain on my bathroom floor. Thank god for husbands on days like those!!!!