The Truth Be Told

In my hiatus several things happened. I moved. I hurt my hand. My thumb. I worked on getting my family, finances and everything in order. A much needed thing that was put on the back burner for far too long. I am still in the process of doing these things more efficiently but I have freed up time once again for me to blog. I enjoy blogging as it is my hobby. And that is all it should be. Not my job. Regardless. I thought I would spill some truths that I have learned from my hiatus.

So to start off I am going to tell you the truth about finances. Mainly – budgets.


Since I moved out on my own and begun my adulthood, finances are something that have plagued me. Seriously plagued me. I was 16 when I got pregnant and moved out. I knew little of finances and saving. All I really knew was mom gave me a gas card, mom gave me lunch money and my part time job paid for my “wants”. That’s it. I have spent the past 11 years attempting to figure out how to make do with money, bills and so on. Then Brent went to work in Alaska. Six years ago. Which upped my anxiety about money. We were now bringing in a nice income and with that what happens? Well of course your expenses go up too. It’s a delicate dance you have to learn and you can’t be stingy. Like me. I am stingy with my money. It literally hurts to write out those checks for the bills. But it HAS to be done.

So what is the truth about budgeting? It takes a long time for it to actually work. Especially if you are like me with a semi irregular income. Brent works “hitches”. Six weeks on and 2 weeks off. When he is not working he is NOT getting paid. Obviously. So Let’s say he goes to work February 1st.¬† Six weeks from then is – March 15th. That means also that¬† in March he’s off for two weeks which puts us down checks. Do you follow now? That means for 6 weeks of income I need to pay bills and save for February, March and April. It’s a little hard to accomplish. You are usually all over the place and lost on how to do it. Something, somewhere, always gets swept under the rug or forgotten.

This year mine and Brent’s goal is to lower our debt accumulation list. A list I created from what debt (i.e. loans, collections etc not typical bills and car payments) we have and what I have taken off our credit report. And you know yearly you can get your credit report from all 3 agencies by going to Annual Credit Report. It is free and the ONLY free site out there. So on top of telling you the truth that Brent and I NEVER stick to the budget and you need to learn to be hard core to do it – I am going to blog about my shortcomings or my success with creating a budget and sticking to it.

But one of the most MAJOR truths that I need to put out there about a budget – you are going to fail far more than you succeed. At one point Brent and I stuck to our budget and saved that we had a accumulated a nice chunk in our savings. What happened? Life. So if you do create your budget and you wonder why you fail – add in a spot in your budget for your own personal spending. No it doesn’t have to be a lot but if you limit yourself where you can’t spend you are SCREWED. Because then you will start taking from other expenses so you can spend.

Either way. Tomorrow or later today I am sitting down and writing out my expense report. I spent yesterday dealing with getting my internet turned back on because our provider doesn’t have sense and decided now was as good as any to shut us down and CREDIT our account $100. Which then I had to pay $25 to reestablish the account. So I just made $75 dollars by getting my internet reconnected. Word.

But don’t worry I have more truth to tell. About meal planning, grocery shopping and being frugal.


  1. LOL You made $75 off their mistake? That’s a boon to the budget. Just make sure they then do not add $100+ to your bill.

    They do that shit all the time.

    • I know right! BUT they can’t because I opened it in my name and the other account was in Brent’s. And I have no access to it because I’m not on it or whatever they say. Which is silly because I’m his wife and what if there was an emergency. But whatever. Lesson learned and thanks for the $75 bucks LOL. I’m not the biggest fan of Cox Communications anymore.


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