The Tree of Death

The Tree of Death

Read about this tree (or tree of death) and of course check out all the yard work I have and will be doing!

So as you know I’ve been doing some yard work? Well as I was tearing down the make shift crappy dog pen so it can be hauled off I noticed that the chicken wire was stuck on something. That something was a bush? That “bush” took me hacking at it with a shovel to come undone from the chicken wire. And then it smelled like death or something close to death. And then it stabbed me.

Well today the tree on that side of my yard caught my eye. It was like the “bush” only larger. It’s the bush and tree of death.

ironwood tree

Looks pretty? Yeah no. What the hell is this thing except the tree that insists on you dying slowly.

tree of death

Screw you tree. Screw you.