The “Real” Date

Do you remember me telling you a couple weeks back about how Brent doesn’t consider our wedding anniversary to be our real anniversary? Well I told you I would tell the story behind the date. December 21st. Also the date the world is going to end in 2012. You know, our whole relationship being a bad omen and all that.

What happened was…..


That guy up there had caught my eye weeks before the 21st. Actually he had caught my eye months before driving around town with his brother. My best friend and I would stalk them via my car. We would follow them and then when they noticed us, we would pretend to be going to the gas station or whatever. Yes, lame teenagers. Plus it was a very small town and there was nothing else better to do than stalk a hot guy in a truck.

In about November one night my friend and I went to pick up our other friend V from work. While we were waiting in the infamous Safeway parking lot, pretending to be super cool teenagers I honked my horn. My car horn happened to sound like the road runner so we got our excitement from honking it…beep beep beep (think road runner sound without the ending here). Then from across the street at Dairy Queen a white truck ended our honking excitement (think the ending of the road runner sound). Low and behold it was hot guy in truck. We giggled and got excited. I felt giddy inside. Yes, yes we are super lame.

Next thing we know our friend M, a guy, was talking and flirting with us from out of nowhere. Then more people surrounded my car. We were too cool. Then as I was talking up another friend, C…I saw him. (Standing there …sing it!) But really I saw him standing there. I asked C who he was and she rambled on something that I really didn’t care about. I just stared and smiled. And found out his name was Brent. I was in loooooooveeeeeee.

So finally we meet and hang out. One night we ended up driving all around town. He was sick and I forced his friend B to go pick him up in MY CAR. I was desperate to see hot guy Brent again. I wanted to hang out with him again. Brent reluctantly came. He couldn’t resist my charm and sexiness. If you ask him now it was my booty that drove him to come out sick. My ghetto booty. True love I tell you. So anyway he comes out and we drive around our small town all night. Just talking about everything. He listened. He got me. I listened. I got him. He became my best friend in a matter of a few hours in a car.

So then we hang out more. And more. And at some point in between all of this I found he is 21. Eeek. I am 16. Double eek. Parents will not like this. (Another story of how we covered that up!) I like him. A lot. He likes me a lot. But it’s kind of confusing because I am a gigantic flirt and we aren’t “officially” dating. Just hanging out etc.

Then on December 21st I pull up to my friend V’s apartment. There is drama surrounding the previous night and I’m kind of annoyed at this point. But I go inside and there is Brent. Sitting in a chair staring at me. Smiling at me. Every single time I saw him I felt like I was on top of the world. Like I was the only person in the room and the most gorgeous person alive. Brent made me feel like a million dollars.

So Brent grabs my hand and says “Come on let’s go for a drive”. (Our friend used to call it changing tires…another story) So we go to talk. And there we are driving, talking. Our usual. And I drive by our intermediate school. I can remember the exact round. It’s at an incline where you have to stop at the stop sign. I stop.

He looks over at me frustrated and asks, “What do you want?”

I respond shyly, “You”.

And then he leans over and kisses me.

And the rest is history.

Brent says that is our anniversary because that is the day that his world came together. He says that he would have never thought someone as beautiful as me, with a big booty, would want him.

Collective awwww? Brent tells the story better by the way.


  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Pretty cool the way you meet. Kind of reminds me of how my younger sis and her husband meet.

  2. Aw Britt that’s a really cute story! You guys are adorable and that whole ghetto booty thing sounds an awful lot like something Jeff would say to me LOL!!


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