The One With Six Kids

So right before Christmas we went over to my grandparents for the traditional “decorate the G-Parents Xmas tree” thing that my nephew initiated. We ate finger food. Kids played. Tree got decorated. You know typical family stuff. Well my sister asked if my nephew could hang with me for the week while he was out of school as she and my brother in law work. Why of course I would! I love spending time with my family. Family is THE most important thing and my little hiatus has helped me remember that. So I also offered to take the twins. Yes Mrs. Fish over at THE FIVE FISH – has twins. They will be 3 in February. And me with the 3 older kids offered to take twins. I know. I know. You know that my sister did it on purpose to attempt to break and torture me. I’m sure she drove to work everyday laughing thinking I was duct taped to the nearest couch and screaming for mercy.

So because I went off on this tangent and lost my train of thought and probably lost you too I wanted to cover this real quick. Me Brittany. 3 kids of my own. Add three other kids. My niece and nephews. 2 of the 3 being twins. Me NOT crazy.

Here is a picture of Brent with my three. It’s a recent picture. Yippee!

And here are my beautiful nephews and niece.

So you want to know how it went right?

Well it went great actually!!!! But I will say just one thing – only one. How the crap do you not go broke feeding six very healthy and hungry children?????


  1. Sooooo glad to see you back!

  2. Two of my sisters have 6 kids, and omg, I don’t know how they do it! On another note, I am SO happy that you are BACK!!!! Woohoo! Missed you tons girly!!!

  3. april yedinak says:

    I just came to the realization this week that my grocery budget wasn’t working anymore. For the last couple months, when we started to get short or run out of necessities, I thought I had failed to shop frugally enough. Then, I realized, all of my kids are half-grown now. No more tiny appetites. They are voracious and I guess I will have to find something to cut back on in order to keep from running out of bread, milk and eggs (why is it always those 3?)

  4. You don’t You start an apptite fund. Like a college fund, only for food.

  5. It’s a blessing to have many kids and it is given so be thankful that
    they are healthy..


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