The Internet Makes Me Question Life

I have once again taken a considerable amount of time away from the internet. You know, blogging, social media – the entire realm of it. Including porn. I am a full time student. I am a full time mother. I am a wife (when it fancies me – ha!). And while I had dreams of having a tiny (I mean really it’s miniscule) place on the www – it just never seems to be my fit. I was here. Then I was there. Neither really are “me”. I’m not so complex, I just have many hats I like to wear at any given day and finding a place to store all those hats is often hard.

But I digress. Life happened and I easily slipped the keyboard and mouse into a drawer and accepted that the people in interact with on a day to day basis are actually, well truly, sometimes far more enjoyable then reading another “lulz dramaz” on the web. But when I am bored and have absolutely no motivation to crack open a book, finish a study guide or watch a video related to my education – I read the internet offerings. It’s like a newspaper, except I am on reading the op-ed section in a really small town.

So why does it make me question my life? Well for starters, everything I have done in my existence- NOT ON THE INTERNET – is illegal on the internet.  OK well there are somethings that are illegal regardless of the action being taken place on the internet or in my next door neighbors backyard.

Case in point #1plagiarism. It was illegal when I was born. On the internet – it’s just bullying when you are outed. Oh and you can get paid for it too. Why have I not been doing this all my life? I would have gotten an A in English 101 instead of the crappy C I got because I actually put forth (very little) effort into my final paper. And I might want to inform my new school that they can’t take my 20k and kick me out of school for cheating because according to the internet – it’s A-OK.

Case in point #2 –  cheating. It’s piggy backing from the above point, but it’s a bit different. I was grounded, forced to sit out of P.E. and some other life memories I wish to erase from my brain for cheating. I even hear it causes divorces. But if you cheat to prove a point – well that’s OK. You might even get a new shiny toy for it. But if you joke about doing it – well you need to eat hot peppers, sit and spin on cactus and get told you are a LOSER. I clearly am doing some bad parenting by informing my children that cheaters never prosper. They do kids. They do.

Case in point #3virtual pin boards are far more damaging then the one I have hanging on my wall now. I’m not bashing on any thought processes or laws or whatever else is taking place on the webz. I’m just trying to understand how one is worse than the other. Honestly. I buy magazines (and I’ve bought some hokey yearbook looking ones lately) so that I can cut out the things I like and glue onto my pinboard. My inspirational board. I sure do hope I don’t get sued. Or get a cease and desist. Of course I am not claiming someones work for my own. I’m just claiming to like it. And just to let you know when I pin on pinterest, I am doing the same thing. I always give credit – because let’s be honest – I can’t cook a chef styled meal to save my life. This girl is straight up boxed, non-organic, hamburger helper all the way. But seriously. We can’t download music, but we can put tape  onto a cassette, press record on our tape player (if we are fast enough and we usually miss the first half off the damn song) and “copy” a song off the radio.

The internet is a funny place. Kids are usually running rampant on Facebook (when they need to be out creating forts in the backyard – seriously – that’s why they are assholes. I don’t let my kids play video games because they turn into assholes), or they are on some forum running off at the virtual mouth (i.e. fingers to keyboard) about something they know nothing about, but they just wanna say SHIT and FUCK and not get grounded for it. We are stealing if we download music illegally (as opposed to recording from the radio – which by the way I don’t want your album. I like one song. One. The rest sucks ass.). We can copy and paste other words, call it our own and get paid for it. We can cheat to prove a point but be damned if we lose because of cheaters. We can’t create virtual pinboards, but we can cut and tape from a magazine in real life.

I realize this is more of a rant brought on by little to no sleep, a messy office, too many red vines and the reality of once again Brent is leaving to Alaska (and fear that we can’t ever have a normal life.) But the hypocrisy, the irony – fuck I’m not sure as I got a C in English 101 – is astonishing to me. We can cry bully all day long online but when REAL bullying happens (by a washed up and worthless drag queen by the name of Pussy LeHoot) we turn a blind eye.

But maybe, maybe I’ve forgotten just what the internet is. A place for mindless self indulgence. A place that lacks reality and professionalism. A place that was probably really made for porn.

By the way – that picture – it’s not mine. I googled the word internet and a website Internet Marketing: Idaho Department of Commerce popped up and I stole it. But it’s not mine. So I’m borrowing it?


  1. Pussy LeHoot???


    And did those two bully-theif-crybabies start more shit again?