That Time I Wanted To Break It

It’s not as though I don’t like television, movies or entertainment type of things. I’m all for it. Obviously – working with musicians. But last night I get on twitter and every other tweet was about The Oscars. Lame. I turn the television on, The Oscars. Even lamer. And it’s not like I’m truly not into some of the movies and actors that were nominated or won. It’s just that an overload of everything makes me want to break something. In this particular all technology. At that moment I was using the power of The Secret and hoping an alien abduction would happen so that I could magically end up in the woods with out technology and The Oscars for the night.



If there is anything I am not it’s ESP. And every time  I think of ESP I think of that line from whatever movie “I’ve totally got ESPN”. I was asked to participate in a survey pre oscars madness to give my “prediction” (there it is the whole ESP thing again) and I pretty much hit the nail on the head with each guess. Seriously. It’s predictable. Like Taylor makes my ears bleed Swift and Miley get a new day job Cyrus winning awards. DUH – half the nation is buying this crap for their kids of course the critics or powers that be are going to give this crap an award. I’m sure indie film makers are cringing at this moment. But of course I am a think out of the box, get off the bandwagon type of girl. Somethings are just good and something are just money makers.

While The Hurt Locker was good it wasn’t GREAT. The story line in the beginning was quite interesting and who doesn’t love to watch things blow up and sit on the edge of your seat wondering if it is going to actually blow. Then you hit the end and it becomes a jumbled quick mess. It’s like they were tired of making the movie, ran out of ideas so expedited it all. The end is supposed to be a great thing with movies. They are either A. Oh so predictable you know they fall in love, die, survive etc. or B. Totally didn’t see that coming. The end to this movie was C. Uh. Am I stoned? What the? Do we need to watch this movie all over again, because it doesn’t make sense.  In other words – disappointing.

I don’t want to see Avatar, don’t care to and won’t do it. Honestly. I’m sure it’s great all the greatness that was put into it. Yet after I saw people saying it was some sort of secret agenda to make us realize we are sucked into corporate America and killing our Earth etc, I wanted to tape my eyes shut and wish myself back into the time of black and white films. I watch movies for one reason – ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. If you wanted it to be a doc or mockumentary – label it so. Don’t call it entertainment the later announce your agenda. That’s lame.

I think the ONLY absolutely awards I was glad hear were given was to the entire Precious phenom. I read the book on my way out to New Orleans and seriously read it in a few hours. An amazing, AMAZING book that I couldn’t see being a bad movie at all. With a story, a plot, an idea and more.

Seriously, congratulations to you big Hollywood winners. I’m glad for you. Now get back to the drawing board and make a movie that I don’t feel like I am wasting my money on. And on top of it, don’t air the Oscars anymore – it makes me want to break things.


  1. I didn’t watch, actually, I did see a minute of it and Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair was a mess and I was over it. Most celebrities bore me these days.
    .-= Stef @ Mommy Musings´s last blog ..2010 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival in Full Bloom =-.

  2. I’m with you. I’ve not seen any of the movies-um…Except for New Moon and well…oh I don’t even think that was up for an award…and UP! Loved up!
    .-= nicóle´s last blog ..Blue October “Should Be Loved” Video =-.

  3. I only saw one movie that even had someone nominated – The Blind Side. But I’m with you, I’m SO over Taylor Swift.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Colorado School Won’t Allow Child of Lesbian Parents to Enroll =-.

  4. Yeah, the Oscars are not so fun to watch. I like to look at the best and worst dressed lists afterwards, but that’s about it.

  5. Twitter can be NOTORIOUS for trending topics that are either of no interest or terribly overdone. I had a few friends on twitter complain that they were tired of all the Oscar talk because they were not interested.. but it was the ONLY thing people were talking about. Sadly, I was one of the ones that were talking Non-Stop Oscars! (But I really just wanted Sandy B to win!) 😉
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..It’s Monday! What are YOU Reading? #Meme =-.

  6. one word about the Oscars booooooring. Yawn. I do want to see Avatar though agenda and all ha ha.
    .-= Kelly W´s last blog ..Quotes to Remember… 3/15/10 =-.