You know that song, it’s on a commercial down here for Ford Trucks I think, “That’s What I Like About Texas”? Well a beautiful friend of mine commented on how Texas wasn’t what she expected, well it wasn’t what I expected either when I first got down here! My husband’s step-dad, whom I call Dad, has commented that I am starting to become a true Texan now. Ha Ha! We left Arizona in 2001 and had gone back once, but Texas called us back, this is our home. I left there not quite understanding the ‘southern’ life and everything it offers, and now I’m down here and have a grasp on it and the accent to go with it!

West Texas is pretty dull, it’s not much different than New Mexico and Arizona. We lived in West Texas for about a year when Tristan was born. (She was born in Odessa) They are actually coming out with a show on Tru TV called Black Gold. If you get that station or happen to see the show when it premiere’s you’ll understand West Texas. The Panhandle of Texas is pretty gorgeous, but basically farm country. It gets pretty cold and believe it or not it gets snow! We live in the what is considered the Hill Country, very green, lots of hill (hence the name), lots of trees, rivers, lakes etc. It’s a very beautiful part of Texas, but not my favorite. South Texas, well I haven’t really been there, but South Padre Island, Corpus Christi etc are down there. Central Texas is where Austin is. I personally like the area a lot. Gorgeous scenery and tons of little towns that offer so much. My favorite of all, scenery wise, is East Texas. It is unbelievably gorgeous there. Thick, thick trees that are huge, everything is green and the air smells wonderful. We have lived here in this area, before when Dayton was born (Kerrville) , we lived in Central Texas ( Bryan/College Station) for awhile and I did love it there. We lived in East Texas for a short time and though circumstances weren’t the best during the time living there, I was always in awe of the beauty of it.

I had to quickly learn a lot about Texas when we moved here. I was never taught to say ma’am or sir and realized how people here view that as a sign of respect. Now it is dug into me and the first time I said it to my mom she looked at me funny! People are amazingly wonderful down here and Southern Hospitality is always at it’s best. There is always something to do, something to learn and something to see. It’s history and the people that come from this state is ever amazing.

I could go on about Texas and how much I truly love to call this state my home! I posted a slide show with some pictures from all over Texas. Enjoy!

Also here are some links to some Texas funny stuff etc!!!







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