Teaching Kids Manners

I think as parents we all want to say that our kids are well behaved, well mannered and near perfect. Then reality hits and we realize those thoughts are just a dream. I always say I don’t care how my kids act as long as they are well behaved and well mannered in PUBLIC. Somehow I have managed to raise them to do this in public. Like I said though at home – they are wild maniacs. Such is life right?!

My kids for the most part really do have pretty good manners and they know how to speak to people and how NOT to speak to people. But everyday there is always something I have to remind them about.

My kids also enjoy playing board games.

So what happens when you mix these two things together?

blinders game


Blunders® is the winner of 10 toy and game awards including the 2009 Game of the Year Award by Creative Child magazine!

For ages 5+, it features:

  • 300 funny and interactive multiple choice, charade, scenario, true/false, reward and consequence questions.
  • Storybook and pawns of Bobby, Becky, Billy and Brenda Blunder, a Seek-n-Find game board, and table setting cards

Blunders is great for children with different learning styles and abilities, the perfect game for families, schools and groups!

We also received Manner Mats!

Manner Mats™

Each pad of Manner Mats™ includes 38 different disposable tear-off placemats with fun games, puzzles and activities for children ages 6+.


  • Each 9 ½” x 12” color placemat is unique and features 15 different activities like “Word Searches”, “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”, and “Crossword Puzzles.”
  • Teaches children table manners, social skills, and to “do the right thing” in a fun and interesting way for the whole family.

Use Manner Mats before and during a meal or as an activity sheet any time!

I sat down with the kids, set it all up and we started the game. Dayton and Brodie got most of the questions and I had to reword some of them for Tristan. Well I had to reword some of them for Dayton too. But they got the point of the game quite easily and understood what was being asked. It’s an easy game to play with no hard rules or “how to play” problems. It’s also easy to set up and does come with these little round discs. They are made of cardboard and could easily be lost or if you have very little ones – put in the mouth. So I suggest this game ONLY for older kids obviously. AND with an adult. While Brodie can easily read the cards etc – like I said they may need to be reworded for them for easier comprehension.

All and all a very unique and neat game for kids to learn and be refreshed about manners!

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