I wish my brain contained a thesaurus

Whenever I write a blog post or an English paper, I always have a tab open to Thesaurus.com. I realize I probably should have a tab open for proper sentence structure and correct use of punctuation; but I don’t. I hope I’ll learn both of those things in graduate school. The reason I keep my […]

Are Bloggers Creating Bad Arguments

In this day and age we as bloggers have found that not only is our blog the perfect place to share our life stories (etc) but voice our opinion and stance; on what others may deem argumentative. I for one enjoy a good argument or two, but often times avoid it on the blog because […]

Creative Writing – Entertain Yourself

Last week I wrote about My Perfect World and gave the prompt: “Write about 5 things you would do to entertain yourself if you didn’t see a single person (including kids!) for 7 days”. And if you know me, my mind wandered to the side of dirty but was quickly corrected. As a Mom and […]

Creative Writing – The Perfect World

Last week I gave you the creative writing prompt – “What is your Perfect World?”. Of course how could I go on to next week’s topic without giving you my perfect world! And for more information about creative writing – visit Creative Writing. Also be sure to visit the other links and read about their […]

New Year – New Creative Writing

I have been MIA for a very long time. Very long. Maybe most of you haven’t noticed because I had so many blog posts scheduled. Either way. Here we go let’s get on this creative writing stuff. I have missed it dearly and my enlarged head and tiny brain are swirling with ideas. So this […]

Creative Writing – I Deserve It

If you are new to the Creative Writing posts, read up on how to join in the Creative Writing Blog Posts. Don’t forget to link up, read others links and get to thinking about next week’s topic! If you are returning then you know I gave you the topic of  starting off your blog post […]

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

Most experts in the blogging world will tell you that when it comes to HOW to blog or come up with content to consider your readers. While I consider this some very valuable information I am here to also give a bit of insight to why I also think differently. You obviously know that selling […]

How Not To Be A Blogger Sell Out

Everyone in the blogging world has something to say about everyone else in the blogging world. Jane Doe blogger sells out for charging for everything. Jessica Doe blogger is dumb because she does NOT monetize at all. Jennifer Doe blogger has an ugly blog (according to Jane Doe blogger) and so on and so forth. […]

5 Tools To Help You When Blogging

Even though I do creative writing in my journal to jump start, if you wish, that part of me that enjoys writing (blogging) there are still times that I am just stumped. It’s as if my mind has gone entirely and utterly blank and there is nothing I can think of to talk about. So […]


Writer Cyril Connolly said “Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.” And as I type this, I think I am not actually writing, but typing. Potato – Patato. Let’s call the whole thing off. Either way. I’m sure as you read that quote […]