Short Winter Days?

You would think that with the minutes of daylight we are losing heading into Winter here in Alaska that the days would be short. You always hear all about those short winter days in the great white north.  Yet to tell you the truth…I can’t decipher if the days are short, flying by or going […]

Winter Weather Must Haves

When it comes to these months leading up to Christmas there are a few things you will need when it comes to beauty. And I’m not just talking makeup – it’s hair – it’s everything.  It’s the little things that are going to save you (and your beauty) so you don’t look and feel miserable.These […]

Winter Jacket Wish List

I realize I live in Arizona and I’m pretty sure, much like hell, we are NEVER going to experience cooler weather here. Maybe up in the High Country we will and that being the case I will definitely be visiting the Mountain a lot. I mean we are in Fall here and today was 100+ […]

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

I can’t decide if it is Summer or Winter that is worse for your skin. Maybe they are equal enemies for those of us for want to keep beautiful skin all year long. The summer sun is burning us and making us sweat, causing our pores to be clogged and skin to turn to leather. […]