Keep Fit During The Holidays

There is something I dread every year and it’s the spread of holiday food that will greet my eyes and tempt my taste buds. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about. And as soon as we give in to temptation what do we do? We watch our waistline expand and […]

Weight Loss Update – Half Way Mark

I haven’t updated much about my own personal weight loss nor have I actually shown pictures of my accomplishment thus far. I will not post full weight and measurements until I reach my first goal, which isn’t far off I do believe. I started tracking my actual weight loss in May of this year but […]

5 Celeb Styles Inspiring My Weight Loss

I am working towards a goal of getting back to the weight I want to be. Not for health and not for other people, but because I enjoyed looking the way I did. Plus I will have to admit, there are super cute styles and trends right now that I want to pull off. Not […]