Tutu Pictures

Here are the pictures the I said I would take in her tutu toy outfit she got. I ask her not to pose to just sit still, but she likes to pose. Sigh.

She is all girl

Yesterday Tristan turned 5. Daddy isn’t home so we didn’t make a gigantic production of her birthday. When he gets home we are having another birthday and her Uncle (who also works away) is home so he gets to come too. I hate that Brent misses out on the birthdays, so we try to do […]

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Girl

Today you turn 5. Today 5 years ago you became Daddy and I’s very last teeny tiny baby we would make. You will start kindergarten in just a couple months. Enjoy life Tristan Ace. You will love it.

Favorite Pictures

I was browsing my pictures on my computer, saving some to disks and cleaning up space on my computer. My obsessive tendency I do at least once a month. And as I was looking through them, I thought; “Don’t we all have a single favorite picture of each of our kids?”. One that is priceless […]

Holy Five Years Old

I just can’t believe that my baby. My last baby. In 24 days will turn 5. Then she’ll start kindergarten. Sigh.

She’ll Take Your Husbands

I get moments, although rarely and last for a brief second, with my children to have serious conversation with them. Or attempt it at least. Tristan and I were watching a show tonight. There was a gentleman on the show who had half a face due to a drunk driver hitting him. I’m not totally […]

They Do!

My family was just saying on Facebook that Tristan looks like Brodie. Being their Mom and the fact that I see them everyday I guess I just don’t see it. Until today when Tristan and I were looking at old pictures of Brodie at the same age. They do look A LOT alike when Brodie […]

I Took This Picture

With my phone the other day. Today I decided to upload it to a site and mess with it. It’s by far one of my favorite pictures of Tristan (well thisĀ  year at least). She’s got some stunning blue eyes I must admit.And her rosy little cheeks. This was pre hair cut and she didn’t […]

Her Future

Her blonde curls bounce when she walks. And when she walks I have to hold her hand or she’ll be distracted by everything around her. Like me, she walks slowly. She asks why every five seconds and makes up games in her mind. She’s innocent. Sweet. She has her moments of blind anger when she […]