Should I Be Worried

I don’t know if I should be worried or do what I am doing and laughing hysterically.

Kids’ Swing Set

My kids have a swing set. It’s not a fancy high dollar one. We used to have a wood one that we got but moving it from Texas to Arizona we knew it wouldn’t really survive the trip. And because we are a nomadic type of family we haven’t wanted to invest in another one. […]

Discovery Kids™ 36″ Outdoor Inflatable Sprinkler Globe

It’s HOT out there. Very hot here, I know that. And having a pool is a luxury that we scrimped and saved for. But before that, we were visiting friends’ and families’ pools. Or walking down to our community pool. Sometimes that just wasn’t the ideal thing to do with the heat and the fact […]

Discovery Kids Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent

The best thing about summer is obviously the free time. I am able to plan things with the kids or not plan things and just go. We can camp all summer long or swim all summer long. The flexibility makes life much easier, though the “I’m boreds” that comes from their mouths don’t! We want […]

Flying Turtle Giveaway

When we were in Texas the kids couldn’t really ride a lot of things besides, horses, bikes, four wheelers (things that could ride ON DIRT). We lived in the country on 20 acres and the only pavement was the main road to get to our house. Now living in our concrete forest here in Arizona […]

Backyard Safari Outfitters

Dayton is all boy. ALL. He loves using his sword, shooting his gun, playing with bugs and wrestling. I have to constantly remind me to scrub under his nails and wash behind his ears. He loves to get dirty and go on adventures. And now that summer is upon us we are always on the […]

WWE Action Figures Review

Believe it or  not when I was a kid I was really into WWE, at that time though it was still WWF and Bret The Hit Man Heart was dreamy. I never thought for a minute my girls would get into it, but I had inkling Dayton would as his Uncles are uber fans. Dayton […]

Toy Fair 2010

I recently got an email about something pretty awesome I had never heard about before and I wanted to share with all of you. It’s the Toy Fair of 2010. Put on by the Toy Industry Association Inc. Let’s get you some information first about the Toy Industry Association – TIA. Toy Industry Association™, Inc. […]

Noodle Head Toys

While my kids and I aren’t the most jet set, we do like to hop in the car and go. With Brent being gone and our lifestyle we are provided the freedom of going anywhere we want to go. From Show Low, Arizona to East Texas. Noodle Head Toys has something to make trips that […]

Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe Review

The Greer kids have always been the largest fans of anything having to do with Play-Doh and I don’t think I can keep up with the awesome things that are always coming out in the Play-Doh realm. Luckily, Hasbro helped me in that department this Christmas. Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe Product Description & […]