I have learned over the years here in Texas, that there is tradition to EVERYTHING. Every month there is something going on. Every weekend. Every holiday. Sometimes just random days there is something going on. Such as, at the beginning of every year, here in town, we have the stock show. The kids get two […]


And here I thought I was crazy. There are other things in my town that are cool this morning, just like the weather. I took Brodie off to school and I had to run to the gas station to pick something up. Just easier to go while I was out. And I wondered as I […]

Oops…I forgot?!

With all the lovely (read: lots of bad curse words) heat we’ve gotten this summer I think I have forgotten what cold was. This morning I decided to let Brodie sleep in once again. I’ve figured out that 6 a.m is way too early for her to get up and I’d rather take her to […]


Dear Gustav, First off I don’t like you. I know, not the best way to start a letter to a stranger, but it’s a fact. Now it would be totally awesome if you magically dissipated. That would be great. And take your sister Hanna with you. I’m pretty sure Florida has had enough. Anyway–I got […]


Pictures of Deer in our backyard… I was making a late breakfast, the kids were sitting at the table waiting so patiently. Then…Mom…Look…At…That..Buck… I hurried with the camera and took a couple pictures. But they aren’t so good as I had to sneak out the back door and quickly snap pictures before Tristan started growling […]

Do I Have To?

The country life. Not so simple. I used to actually own chickens. Yep. And Guineas. No not Guinea Pigs. Guinea Fowl. We lost them unfortunately. Snow, our Guinea wandered off and never came home. The chickens were, well chicken meat. Dogs, Coons and Possums decided to eat them. We had two Americana chickens survive and […]

Hellooooo Dolly!

We won’t see the eye of it. Nope. Thank goodness. But we are seeing lots of rain from her. Non-stop rain. Some torrential downpour. Maybe that is exaggerating, but then again. Either way we are A-OK here in Texas. We need the rain, but our family reunion is this weekend. People are already headed this […]


You know that song, it’s on a commercial down here for Ford Trucks I think, “That’s What I Like About Texas”? Well a beautiful friend of mine commented on how Texas wasn’t what she expected, well it wasn’t what I expected either when I first got down here! My husband’s step-dad, whom I call Dad, […]

Saturday…err Sun? Day

I decided to take the kids swimming and I was going to lay out while they had fun. Of course, I have been tanning, but baking in the sun from 11-4 probably isn’t the wisest idea. So we all swam and spent our day in the sun, but came our burnt, fried and very well […]

Hooray For Corn!

Today we all got up early and headed to Helotes. Mind you I have been battling some serious bouts of restlessness and sinus crap all weekend, so I was negative on the sleep factor, but needed to get out of the house regardless. So we headed to Helotes, for the Cornyval! My two nieces and […]