5 Pictures That Make Me Miss Texas

I try not to let myself get to homesick for Texas but often times I will see pictures, hear people talking, read something or what have you, that make me long for my moments I spent back there. It has been signed, sealed and delivered that I will get back there soon enough – when […]

It Runs Deep

Who you are and what you love runs the deepest. It’s hard to find things that fulfill you in the way that those two things do. Being able to express yourself and ignite your identity passionately is not just fulfilling it’s almost a life line. So as I sift through posts previously written on a […]

Love Creek Orchards – A Slice Of Heaven With A Side Of Apples

I don’t have a serious addiction to apples or anything. I eat them occasionally and enjoy them. I don’t turn them into pies, jams or anything else. I’m a simple, bite and eat the apple kind of girl. But in Texas I found a place that made my love for Apple’s grow into something serious. […]

My Back Porch View

I can’t help but miss waking up, grabbing coffee and seeing this out my back door. An amazing view from my back porch in Texas.

10 Things To See And Do In Texas

Most of you may already know that I have spent a good deal of time in Texas. I will always consider Texas to be my home and while I love being here in Arizona with my family, you will often find me day dreaming of moving back to Texas. During my time in Texas, the […]

Kerrville, Texas – Movies in the Park

Whether you live in Kerrville, Texas or are planning a trip very soon you must make time for the free Movies in the Park event. My son was born in Kerrville, Texas and we lived there for a little bit of time. We also lived in Bandera (nearby town), but I never actually made it […]

Top 5 Things To Do In Bandera, Texas

I didn’t live in Bandera, Texas and not enjoy it. I enjoyed it so much that my family and I truly consider that place home. Of course I wasn’t born and raised there, but if you are ever looking to be happy in an amazing small town – move to Bandera. When it comes to […]

Pretty Plants

See I don’t kill all things when I have to grow them. I can keep them alive and pretty.

Wordless Wednesday – Bandera

This is Labor Day parade in Bandera, TX. The annual cattle drive too through the town. I miss this place. Bad. This place was home. This place was amazing.


They same home is where the heart is. True that. True that. I could basically and have lived anywhere with Brent and the kids and be happy. No doubt about that. Happiness lies within our family. Of course there is always outside factors that A.) Sweeten the deal or B.) Make it worse. I love […]