I-Dog Designer Review

For Brodie’s birthday this year I finally gave in and bought her a kids mp3 player. She’s the ultimate lover of all that is music, or the realm of creativity (arts). I quickly filled up her mp3 with music from Abba, Grease, Hairspray and some poppy hits that she had to have. She’s got an […]

Petz Nursery Nintendo DS Game Review

My Nintendo DS is a shared item in the house. I had to finally resolve my self to the fact that I can’t just have something that is mine. Someone is bound to walk in, grab it and voila – Mommy’s item because a household hot commodity. But because of this fact, I am always […]

Children Online?

Last night I was surfing through some of my favorite blogs and landed on one that I spend a lot of time on, Texts From Last Night. It’s hilarious. But it’s crude and sexual innuendo is flying. Some of the texts read as if my friends and I are texting each other. So I hop […]

Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 Review

With Christmas looming, I am hoping you will find some great gift ideas here at The Greer 5. This particular idea is something for him and her. It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving and inspiring us all. I don’t travel a lot and I invested a big chunk of change into my […]

Barnes & Noble eReader & eBook Review

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the Barnes & Noble eReader application for Blackberry (since that it what I own) about a month ago. I am just slow on the go with getting the information to you. ABOUT eREADER: The Barnes & Noble eReader is an application used to read Barnes […]


Have you heard about the new site Brain Fuel? Thanks to Mom Central I got to check it out and what it has to offer. Brain Fuel is a site offering resources for Mom’s and Kids alike on matters of the brain! It has a forum offering tips, tricks, ideas and recipes on everything you […]

Free Realms Review & Giveaway

Free Realms is a online -FREE – role playing style game. You all know me, I am a gamer. I’ve tried several games, similar to Free Realms, but not as fun. I was super excited to try out a new game and tell everyone what I thought of it. So here is the run down […]

Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits

I was asked by Mom Central to review the Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits for the Nintendo DS. I have a love affair with my Nintendo DS so I could NOT pass up the opportunity to do so. Plus, we all know my love affair with music. Now if only I could actually play […]

Blue Phone – Review

I was contacted by the lovely people from Blue Phone to review their site and what they have to offer. When I looked into Blue Phone, I couldn’t say no. It is definitely worth a look-see. BluePhone is a leading computer support company. Using Cisco WebEx™ to diagnose, repair, and optimize your computer, we resolve […]

Shidonni Review & Giveaway

I was really excited when I was asked to review Shidonni. Now that Brodie is 8 and really getting into the computer, Brent and I are very, very weary of websites she visits. She has for the most part stuck to safe and educational websites, but one wrong click and my 8 year old might […]