Best Free Apps For Your New BlackBerry

When I first got my BlackBerry I was clueless as to what do with and what I wanted from it. A few days after I started using it, I just picked it up and started playing with it. Hands on experience gave me the first steps into what I wanted out of a smart phone, […]

Imagine Party Planner Nintendo DS

With Brodie getting older and more capable to play games that require a little more skills than some of the other kiddie games, comes the fact that we get to test out newer games. A lot of the times Brodie likes to lay in bed with my DS and play games until she fells asleep. […]

Barnes & Noble Nook – Growing BIG!

You know by now my love for my Nook, which incidentally – Brent has now taken to use for traveling and at work. They just released a new update also which added so many awesome things on top of what the Nook already has to over. It’s AMAZING! Games, web browsing and more. Brent literally […]

Chimes – The Game

At this moment right now I don’t have an iPhone, iPad (though I’m working towards getting one for school!) or an iPod Touch. All three in which I want. Any takers on buying me one to spare me the blood, sweat and tears of working for it? Oh, OK, thought I would try. Either way. […]

Nook Giveaway*closed*

Now that I have given you the information and given you things to overlook about the Nook, let’s now get you started in winning one! Remember the Nook is jammed packed full of features, options of personalization and customization and has expandable memory for a virtual bookshelf. But I must start you out on a […]

Nook Review

If reading is a sign of geek status, I must be the ultimate geek. Reading is one of my strongest passions and from the moment I could process reading my world opened up to unimaginable and often elaborate places. I’ve struck gold, I’ve witnessed a murder and I’ve met people who may or may not […]

Netbook Purchase

For the past month or so Brent has had my Lenovo Ideapad with him at work for a couple reasons. 1. His laptop ended up running it’s last lap and he needed something to use.  2. He wanted to test drive my netbook to see if he really wanted a netbook himself. Well the outcome […]

Hot Topics

So last night I was trolling around the internet trying to find the perfect inspiration for a blog post. Sometimes my mind fails me at best and it’s hard to find something great to write about. A hot topic of sorts. Normally my husband is great blog fodder and one the best hot topics for […]

Samsung TV Fail

About two years ago Brent and I invested about $1500 into a Samsung LCD HDTV. We’ve treated the thing like a child as it was quite a large purchase and seeing our money wasted would have been a huge disappointment. The only problems we have had with the set is the kids’ finger prints on […]

Puzzler World (Nintendo DS) Review

You by know should know that my family or should I say my kids and I have wars over my Nintendo DS. And me, well I am a huge puzzle fan. From crosswords to word search – I am addicted to a puzzle game! Atari has a great game I got to test out (with […]