SEO – Attempting a breakdown

All across the internet if there is one thing I see on a daily basis is the three little letters SEO. Often times and including myself on this point, I care very little and don’t understand SEO. Most people knighted with SEO expertise will tell you of the importance of it on your blog, website […]

Death Of The English Language

Nowadays everyone and their brother has a cell phone. Including children and teenagers. Nowadays everyone and their brother uses texting as a way to communicate with everyone else and their brother. Including children and teenagers. Social media is around now too. You only get 140 words on Twitter to actually say what you have to […]

Online Shopping – Using Codes

If there is one thing over the past couple years of my blogging that I have learned, it’s that deals can be found everywhere. There are a million sites out there that will give you promo codes to aid in saving money when it’s time to check out. The thing is you have to be […]

Portable Speakers Giveaway

When Brent and I went and go the pool and grill we realized we were going to be spending a ton of time outdoors. In the water. Near the grill. Just enjoying the sun and water. I told Brent, we need a radio or something out here to have some music. To distract us and […]

Laptop Accessories Worth Buying

With my netbook, Brent’s netbook and his old laptop – we learned one thing and we learned it fast. Accessories, while you think they may or may not be needed, quite simple put; are. Whether they are for traveling, ease of use or actually being able to fully enjoy all the capabilities of your laptop […]

Barnes & Noble Offers Free $50 Gift Card with Any NOOK™ eBook Reader Purchase

Y’all know I love my Nook. You know Brent stole it from me and now loves “our” Nook too. Well I can’t help but keep you updated on all things Barnes & Noble and Nook. This here would be great gift idea for Father’s Day!!!! Through a special promotion kicking off today, the company will […]

iPhone App Makes You Money

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I don’t have an iPhone. But this is just another reason why I  should have one! Especially considering I am social networking all day long and often times from my cell phone. is  a new mobile application […]

How To Screenshot On A Netbook

My computer I knew how to do a screen shot.  Vista is installed on my home computer but my netbook is still using XP, so I can’t use the clipping tool on it like I can the other. Anyways it’s actually pretty easy to do a screen shot on a netbook. Here’s how: Hit PrtSc  […]

Top Tech News This Week

I am not the most technology literate person. I know enough and probably more than I give myself credit for, but I simply don’t have the patience for most of it. I easily get lost in translation and after so much I go a little crazy and cross eyed. But try and try I do. […]

Our Child Safe Website

When we lived in Texas, we lived in a very, very small town. We knew everybody and everybody knew us. We lived on acres and acres of land where the kids could climb, roam, explore and be free. It felt much simpler and our biggest concerns were broken bones and cactus.  Since moving to Arizona […]