iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps

iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps

iPhone Reward & Coupon Apps   I am no pro at the saving money and earning rewards thing –but I have found a few apps that I cherish and use daily. These apps will earn you rewards, cash, give you coupons etc. All of them I have found to be simple to figure out how […]

My Zombie Mill Ownership Story

The other day, OK it wasn’t just the other day it was a couple weeks ago I tweeted about how my Klout is actually truthful. I have Klout about #Zombies and I at the point was an official #Zombie mill owner. All this stemming from a bunch of different things and ending with a big […]

Kitchen Cooking With An iPad

Regardless of how many different recipes I know and create, I am always wanting something new to try. We all do right?! So what do we do, we head to our computers and check our favorite websites or even go to brands websites for recipes. But then we are stuck printing it out or writing […]

Sephora Launches App

We all can obviously tell now that I am a product and makeup junkie. Well, to fuel my addiction and love for all things beautiful – Sephora has launched an app, Sephora to Go. Sephora noted in their press release and their blog that some of their favorite highlights of the app are: # The […]

Smashbox Social Shop

I am a makeup addict. Along with a lotion, perfume…OK, I am a product addict in general. But makeup is like medicine to me. Makes my day better and relieves stress. And of course so much more. Have you ever heard of Smashbox?   About Smashbox Cosmetics, Inc. Smashbox Cosmetics is the indie-spirit beauty brand […]

Email Virus vs. Our Kids

Is Internet a Necessary Evil For Our Kids? The Internet can be a very useful place for our kids on many levels, especially when doing research, but it can also be very a dangerous place that is treated by many parents as a necessary evil. The interaction of children with Internet is often seen too […]

HBO App For Southern Girls

If you are like most women or people these days you have a love for the sci-fi vampire genre. And I am not talking about the very generic and almost daft sparkling vampire genre. I am talking about the gritty, dirty southern vampires of True Blood. When I first begun watching that show the opening […]

How to Play iTunes Music Shuffle Game

About a week ago I sent out the following tweet about a game my sister in law/best friend and I like to play with our iPod’s. So today I thought I would teach y’all how to play the best music game ever with your iPod (or any other music player – just easier to explain […]

SEO – Understanding Keywords

I’ve finally am trying to catch up on getting you the information I am learning along the way regarding search engine optimization (SEO). To see what I am understanding so far read: SEO Attempting A Breakdown & SEO – The Basics. Right now I am going to try to explain my understanding of the little […]

SEO – The Basics

We are now onto part two of the SEO Breakdown For Beginners, like me.  The first part highlighted the fact that I have very little knowledge in the search engine optimization department. It also highlighted the things we should NOT do when it comes to SEO’ing our sites. This week I wanted to go over […]