Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipes Giveaway

I told you I get to bring you a giveaway of the Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipes (8 count)! Are you excited about it? Head on over to the review and get familiar with my thoughts of the product and the product itself! You are entering to get a chance to win this Supergoop! product: SPF 30+ […]

Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipes

My kids are pasty white. Toe headed, fair skinned babies. There is not much I can do about that either. For the most part they tan actually pretty well in the summer, especially Tristan – which I credit to the fact that since 6 months old she was out in the sun and we couldn’t […]

Growing Tree Toys $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Now even more fun for this event right?! See this summer I have kept my kids outside as much as possible. The pool has become our best friend along with our bikes, swing set and heck the water hose. But I can’t lie there are days with heat rising up into the 111’s and higher, […]

Flying Turtle Giveaway

When we were in Texas the kids couldn’t really ride a lot of things besides, horses, bikes, four wheelers (things that could ride ON DIRT). We lived in the country on 20 acres and the only pavement was the main road to get to our house. Now living in our concrete forest here in Arizona […]

Songs That Remind Me Of Summer #5

Almost done with the my summer playlist as summer is actually almost done here. Believe it or not. The kids go back to school on the 20th, I’ll be  in school and heading of to New Orleans soon. Summer is most definitely coming to an end. But with it being Independence Day this song should […]

Songs That Remind Me Of Summer #4

This particular song doesn’t remind me of a specific summer, but the summers from when I was 14-16. It was just a carefree crazy time and this song just has that dance on your bed in your pajamas screaming it at the top of your lungs feel. I still dance in my living room when […]

Songs That Remind Me Of Summer #3

  Summer Music “list”…song number three! This particular song reminds me of a summer that my friend and I only wanted two things, An oreo cookie blizzard from Dairy Queen and…. The Beach Boys tape. We walked around all summer saying how bad we wanted them. I’m pretty sure we didn’t get it in the […]

What Summer Looks Like In Arizona

It’s hot. Very hot. That is why summer’s in Arizona look like this:

Songs That Remind Me Of Summer #2

Summer Music “list”…song number two!   The lightning bugs at night. I remember all to often sitting in my back door watching the kids run through the pasture and the lightning bugs lighting up all around them. There was something magical about watching that. Brent and I would sing and dance in the kitchen while I was […]

Songs That Remind Me Of Summer #1

I haven’t posted my music lately and with summer here, there are just some songs that I have to listen to. They bring back memories of my past summers. So I am going to post a few songs over the next weeks that take me back and that I must listen to each summer.   […]