3 Products For Summer Hair

I truly do love the summer. I am able to soak up the vitamin D allowing me to use a more natural approach with makeup and also a natural approach with my hair. I would love to have short easily styled hair, but I can never actually pull the look off. I also like to […]

Summer Makeup Tips

I by no means am an expert in the application of makeup or makeup in general, but I wanted to share my summer makeup tips. Keep in mind also that I spend a great deal of time outdoors and working so I keep things very simple and easy during the summer months when it comes […]

Easy Summer Skin Moisturizing Tip

I am not going to say that this tip is for your face at all. I’m sure you could absolutely do it for your face, but you will need to do it sparingly. Some experts say that doing this on your face can help, I have tried and unfortunately it only made me break out […]

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Review

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Review

If you know anything about Arizona and summertime you know that all you can think of is heat, sun, water. Air conditioner or not, it’s cheaper to live in the pool then run your unit all summer long. Lucky for us too this summer, we have a pool. Which we live in. Basically. And while […]

Reading and Summer Fun with Walmart

Just thought I would throw out this great tid bit of information about Walmart. Summer time is close so if you are like me you want to keep the kids busy outside and of course keep them reading so they do not fall behind during the summer. A great way to slow down for an […]

Bronzed Envy Review

It’s summer. It’s Arizona. Which means SUN and a lot of it. While I despise the heat here, considering 110+ degrees it’s not my ideal of “nice weather” or “outdoor weather”.  Yet with kids you can’t fight it. We are in the pool or outside doing something; so I am able to get a nice […]

Discovery Kids™ 36″ Outdoor Inflatable Sprinkler Globe

It’s HOT out there. Very hot here, I know that. And having a pool is a luxury that we scrimped and saved for. But before that, we were visiting friends’ and families’ pools. Or walking down to our community pool. Sometimes that just wasn’t the ideal thing to do with the heat and the fact […]

Discovery Kids Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent

The best thing about summer is obviously the free time. I am able to plan things with the kids or not plan things and just go. We can camp all summer long or swim all summer long. The flexibility makes life much easier, though the “I’m boreds” that comes from their mouths don’t! We want […]

Portable Speakers Giveaway

When Brent and I went and go the pool and grill we realized we were going to be spending a ton of time outdoors. In the water. Near the grill. Just enjoying the sun and water. I told Brent, we need a radio or something out here to have some music. To distract us and […]

Get Out!

So yesterday the playhouse for kids showed up. Which I get to review actually. We put it together and it’s all set up now. So now the kids are moving out of the house. Thank goodness. In Texas they could run and play. For hours. They had forts and mighty jungles to explore. They had […]