Must Have Items For Traveling In Style

I don’t care what you say, carrying a tore up red ginormous bag through an airport is not only embarrassing but it’s annoying. Every one of us wants a stylish bag. What else do we want when traveling? Organization. And there is a ton more but those are the top two priorities when it comes […]

Haute Couture With Kate Spade

The timeless elegance look. Pre-Mod fashion and maybe the beginnings of Mod. Feminine. A style characterized by Haute Couture.  I cannot stress enough how not only are the hair and makeup style trends making it’s way back into our lives, but so is fashion. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these newer pieces from […]

Guess Fall 2011 Campaign Perfection

I picked up my latest fashion magazines not too long ago and then stumbled upon Fashion Gone Rogue and saw complete perfection when it comes to advertising and campaigns for fall fashion. {Note I also snagged these images from the same site, but they are done by Ellen von Unwerth featuring Amber Heard.} Anyway these […]

Fashion To Figure Review

Being a curvy woman and trying to find clothes that fit nicely that are still fashionable can be quite a challenge. You want to be able to wear something that is comfortable, that looks good and that is not the most expensive thing in the world! Fashion To Figure approached me about reviewing one of […]

Fall 2011 Makeup Trends

Here very shortly we will be blasting into the beautiful season of fall. Which means amazing fashion, fabulous hair colors and new makeup palettes to try out. We covered what to wear this fall season when it comes to fashion and I will update soon on fabulous fall hair trends, but let’s talk about our […]

Timeless Elegance Is In

I just wrote an article about what trends are going to be for makeup this fall 2011. And I realized that we finally going mainstream with the Old Hollywood Vintage Glamour look. It’s exciting to finally see it becoming wildly popular and I hope to see more and more sporting this look. I know that […]

5 Fashion Slimming Tips

You may be in the process of losing weight, struggling to lose weight or just feeling super bloated and want to hide it those imperfections. Well there are quite a few fashion trends, styles, patterns etc that can help you achieve looking and feeling your best! So here are a few fashion tips to give […]

Country Western Charm Home Decor

If you are like me, your home while lasting longer then a year (or more) is temporary to the ultimate goal of gettin’ back to the country. Back to your roots. So to bring a little back home, into your house, you turn to decor. One of my favorite things about the Country Western “Charm” […]

2011 Fashion And Style Watch With Danielle M. Hayes

The post is inspired by two events that happened to me very recently. I am very much a jeans and flip flops kind of girl but my love for the vintage style is unwavering. I also love to wear figure flattering dresses and have big dreams of wearing super cute shoes. I firmly believe makeup […]

5 Dresses I Could Wear All Week

By now you know that I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. My fashion(un-ness)is quite frightening and I am slowly learning to break away from my comfort zone and try new things out. I do like a pretty dress and I believe it or not don’t mind wearing them. It’s much harder to […]