Pin-up Hairstyles

I talked briefly on this before and not too long for now I am going to make a full page resource for pin-up and vintage hairstyle tutorials and resources. This post is very similar to my vintage hairstyle tutorials post but this has major focus on the hot trend of pin-up hairstyles. I am going […]

Handmade Halloween Costumes

We are in October people! It’s here and even with all the talk of Halloween, you still may be behind on costume ideas and other goodies for the fun holiday. But let’s not fret. I am here to show you some fabulous handmade Halloween Costumes & Accessories from Etsy. Hopefully you can either purchase them […]

Red Hot Heels

I haven’t updated on my obsession with red lately and I absolutely had to finally do it, considering I made a fantastic little collage of red heels I am dying over. I covered the red hair and makeup.  And the red clothing I love. And I’m sure on all my quests to find inspiration and […]

Denizen Jeans – From Levi’s

I love jeans. LOVE them. But I am picky about jeans. I have to wear a fit that isn’t just flattering to my shape, but that I am comfortable in. I get that all of you are shaking your head going, yeah well me too. But I’m Brittany. I’m a bit of a special girl. […]

Beauty Style To Match Fashion Style: Part One

The ever so lovely and inspiring Danielle Hayes is doing a series on Fall Fashion Trends {What To Wear This Fall} and a light bulb went off. She is going to be bringing you her expert opinion on trends and style in Fashion all year long, but you just might be left wondering, how you […]

Winter Jacket Wish List

I realize I live in Arizona and I’m pretty sure, much like hell, we are NEVER going to experience cooler weather here. Maybe up in the High Country we will and that being the case I will definitely be visiting the Mountain a lot. I mean we are in Fall here and today was 100+ […]

The Time Warp Style

As I was seeking out inspiration and styles I liked I happened upon a plethora of collections that I just wanted to stare at for hours. I already skimmed over one very briefly in my Swinging Sixties Style, but now I wanted to touch more on one of my favorites – We are going towards […]

Fashionable Vacations

It’s funny how the world seems to work in very mysterious ways. You see I am the unfashionable. I think I can spot the trends, I see the beauty in the fashion and I do revel in it, but pulling it off on myself is a bit tricky. Now with my academics and pursuit of […]

Red Clothing – My Obsession Continues

I’ve actually been on a hunt, scouring the ends of the internet world to find red clothing to feed the fires of my addiction to red at the moment. So far I have actually come up short. I mean I can find a ton of clothes in the color red {oh and shoes, which don’t […]

Seeing Red

I have an obsession or maybe it’s addiction, but it’s flaring right now. Now it’s flaming. There is absolutely no way to calm it, so I have to share it. I am overwhelmed with red. From hair to makeup and onto clothes. I want to see every color in the red spectrum on everything. And […]