The Importance of Manners

I thought of titling this post as, The Importance of Manners in the South, but that wouldn’t be as broad as I wanted it to be. Right now my family are residing in the Southwest, which I wouldn’t even put in the same category as the South considering the vast difference in cultural and societal […]

Ethical Experiments

I feel as though now that school has started I have a wealth of things I want to blog about. The first week of my biology class is beyond full swing and I have already completed tons of work. First thing we needed to do was to study the factors that affect environment on living […]

The Blame Game

When I was a little kid there was a couple things I remember my Mom teaching me.  The first thing, right from wrong. When I thought it was right to color on my wall with red “whipstick” (lipstick in my brothers language as the older brother), my Mom made me scrub it off. When I […]

5 Annoying Words & Phrases

This isn’t anything bitchy or mean, there are just some words that I think as adults should be outlawed from being typed or being said. I’m sure y’all will NOT agree with me, but what can I say I’m pretty anal about it. If only I could get everyone on board though, I would live […]

Quit Yer Bitchin’

I’m in an unusually pissy mood tonight and somethings are just rubbing me the wrong way, such is life right? Well here is the deal, the very basic way for me to put it? Quit your bitching and find a solution. Seems simple enough eh? Wrong again. It’s much easier to offer that negative commentary […]

Is The South Culturally Conservative?

I was born and raised in Arizona and while they may call it the southwest the cultural aspects of living in the south are far different than living in the southwest. On the other hand Brent was born and raised in the south. About eleven years ago we packed our bags and very few belongings […]

Life And Death

Again, I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about certain things. I’ve started to break those promises to myself – I can’t help but speak up sometimes. Brent has that affect on me. He’s taught me to ride the storm until the storm is just to ugly to fight back. Brent is just that person. He […]