Are we really being social?

If you look up the definition of social at you’ll see that it’s being defined by two or more persons (doing something – being social). So if you put that definition into terms of social media or social networking or whatever great name the interwebs will come up with for sites like Twitter, Facebook […]

Twitter – The New MySpace

I remember one day many many (OK not that many) years ago searching online for a band. It was a friend that I worked with, her husbands band. Lo and behold I found MySpace. Facebook was still being developed in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. Actually I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even in his dorm room […]

How Do You Use Social Networking?

No I am not going to answer this with a tutorial. I am genuinely curious. Many, many, many moons ago, late 2003 – early 2004, when MySpace was born I joined. No joke. The reason I found it, I was searching for a friends band and ended up there. MySpace was new, fun and empty. […]

Web Applications For Twitter

Twitter actually can be a fun experience with the different tools and offerings they have around the web. You can tweet from your phone, your desktop, the web and more. You can add pictures, you can search friends, PR Reps and more. So here are the web applications that I personally have found that have […]

Social Networking Icons

A list of Social Networking Icons for those who want to design their own! When it comes to branding, designing and all things blog related, one of the funnest parts for me is adding those little social networking icons (image). It adds a little more character to your blog and an easy way to connect […]

MySpace Messengers

Occasionally my job with the Juicy Newt girls provides me with great blog fodder. And not about them, about the things we run into with them. While they aren’t Michael Jackson famous, they are apparently famous enough to warrant emails / messages from fans and those that aren’t quite fans. It is quite fair enough […]