How Does Acne Medicine Work?

For those of us who have battled, are still battling or may have daughter who will battle acne there is one question that may be on our minds: How does this medicine work? We are wondering how a specific ingredient is going to effect our skin? With names that are often hard to pronounce how […]

8 Skin Care Products For Clear Skin

I have talked extensively about skin care here at SB and I really want to keep you informed of all the products out there on the market that I have personally tried. I would have to say most of the skin care products I have tried are geared towards acne. And not just severe acne, […]

Does Proactiv Really Work

If you have been following along with any of my posts you have taken notice to one truth I do not hide. I have battled acne all my life. I have done everything known to man to treat acne. I have tried herbals, gone to dermatologists, spoke with midwives and OB/GYN’s. I have used name […]

How To Get Your Face Really Clean

Have you ever washed your face and then when you went to do your toner noticed that the cotton ball was pulling off makeup and dirt still? Or when you wake up the next morning you have mascara still smeared all over? It’s one thing to see dirt but entire other thing when you are […]

Keep Your Skin Amazing

I just discussed how to renew your skin and I stated briefly how I was combating my acne. But I wanted to touch on things a bit more. There is more to just eating right, staying hydrated and following a regimen like Proactiv. Truly. And honestly face washes and treatments like that come with an […]

Renew Your Skin

I am on a personal mission at the last part of this year to look and feel my best. I’m going through all the steps of losing weight, eating right and improving my beauty routine. Part of improving my beauty routine is keeping my skin beautiful. Part of keeping my skin beautiful is not only […]

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

I can’t decide if it is Summer or Winter that is worse for your skin. Maybe they are equal enemies for those of us for want to keep beautiful skin all year long. The summer sun is burning us and making us sweat, causing our pores to be clogged and skin to turn to leather. […]

Food For Your Face

Changing our eating habits and increasing our intake of the “good stuff” is one way to get beautiful skin, hair etc. But what about using foods on the skin?! I’ve highlighted before some great homemade recipes for beauty treatments and I’m about to give you some more. But now I am going to also highlight […]

Nourish and Love Your Skin

We all hate the idea that we are getting older. And for those that are still young, love your skin now and care for it so age doesn’t show so easily later. Furthermore, there are products and ways to keep up with our skin and that we shouldn’t deter from. I know occasionally I look […]

Tips To Get Smooth Silky Legs

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or what you are doing, well all want smooth and silky legs. And of course it’s one of the biggest beauty questions most of us women ask. You can read a hundred million things on which way to shave, what soaps and what shaving creams […]